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Midweek madness here at GameSetWatch - or at least mild giddiness - with the eclecticness headed by Matthew Wasteland's lyrical chat about Final Fantasy Tactics, one of those game series that I've had to admire from afar, thanks to my relative lack of time to wade through its gorgeous depths.

Also in here - a look at the (pictured) Fall From Heaven Civ IV mod, UGO wanders around the IGF Innovation Award nominees, a look at a terrible (and intentionally so) game, and German adventures with creative use of paint package filters.

Mu ha ha:

Murder and Betrayal in the Dark Ages of Ivalice (Magical Wasteland)
The mysterious GDMag columnist talks Final Fantasy Tactics in some delightful prose'A game like Tactics doesn’t present one big choice— it presents thousands of little ones.'

DESIGNER NOTES » Civilization - Fall From Heaven interview series
Civ IV lead designer Soren Johnson chats to the Fall From Heaven Civ IV modders, who are excellent.

Independent Games Festival - Innovation Award Finalists 2009 | UGO.com
Still suffering from 1UP backlash, some folks at UGO (like Chris Plante) do know what they're talking about, and this IGF Innovation round-up is a great look at what's a pretty darn interesting category already, heh.

ARGNet: This is Not a Game: The Novel
New fiction about an ARG? How meta! 'This Is Not a Game... is a novel about Dagmar, an alternate reality game designer trapped in Jakarta during a revolution.'

Design Rampage: Why I Love the Worst Game Ever
On an Adult Swim web game that goofs, Aqua Teen style, and its interesting design decisions: 'It's crazy how many things this game does well in order to make it feel like the Worst Game Ever.'

Game Design Reviews: The Moment of Silence: Lebensrelevanz
Though the article itself is fairly conventional, this piece has the best. Photocaption. Ever. "In The Moment of Silence you control Peter Wright: a designer, who lost his wife and his kid because of his uncontrollable passion for the Photoshop liquify tool.'