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Well, it's getting towards the weekend, thankfully, but that doesn't mean a steaming cup of GameSetLinks isn't awaiting you all the same - headed by an Adventure Classic Gaming article on death that it was necessary to poke fun at minorly, hee. Good piece, though.

Oddly, the rest of the links in this particular batch are me being a little whinier than normal. But everyone involved should be aware that you have to be interesting in the first place for me to notice and kvetch, so there. (Oh, but Andy Schatz's new game is announced. That's an upper!)

Gloom and doom:

Death in adventure games - Feature - Adventure Classic Gaming
Gotta love an article with the subhead 'Is death necessary?' :)

Eulogizing 1UP and EGM, sort of » Infinite Lives
I know there have been a lot of these, but his one sings to me as a piece of writing - thank you, Jenn Frank.

@ CES: Recession? What Recession? Game Industry Execs Believe Ad Dollars Will Keep Flowing In ‘09 | paidContent.org
Bleh. Ad dollar increases are easy when they're at miniscule amounts to start with, and Geoff Keighley's summarized comments are a little hype-y, to say the least - hopefully lost in translation.

Announcing Dinosauria | Pocketwatch Games
Nice, Andy Schatz's new game (from the Venture Africa/Arctic series creator and IGF Awards presenter) goes all Jurassic retro.

Spring in her step | Gaming Industry | Interview by MCV
Future's CEO on why doubling down on print in the U.S. makes sense to them: '[Nintendo Power] has been up 29 per cent since we took it over, with OPM up 50 per cent.' Not sure what metric, mind you, but it's always fun to see justifications.

The Escapist : Video Galleries : Unskippable : Eternal Sonata
I don't understand the monetization angle on video-heavy online game sites, given what I know about CPMs and boring stuff like that. But hey, this 'MST3K with games' series from the LoadingReadyRun folks is rather awesome.

welcome home | dailyradar
Interesting, Future has brought the "Daily Radar" name (once loved as a game news site) back as an auto-updated aggregation site for all their properties, by the look of it. Is this fairly new?