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Time for a few more GameSetLinks in the cold light of January, then, and we're rounding up some of the year end countdowns (Japanmanship, Andy Schatz!) that we missed, alongside other notable pieces.

There's also a new preview of Fl0wer, hence the pretty picture or the floating petals - and as far as I'm concerned, the more Zen-ish gaming, the better, hurrah.

Links links links:

Japanmanship: 2008 Japanmanship Awards Listpost
'The awards I'm dishing out today are the "Japanmanship Nugatories", recipients of which get exactly nothing other than a mention on a middling-to-irrelevant blog.'

Hit Self-Destruct: In The Future We Will Play, Part I: Indiana
Incredibly good, detailed piece on The Brainy Gamer's Michael Abbott and his work about the culture of games - here's part 2.

8bitrocket:Merry Christmas: A Stocking full of guilt free and legal retro game roms
A nice round-up, here: 'While I am fully aware of all the places you can obtain nefarious copies of all the best retro games in digitized disk or rom format, but I also know of a great big stocking full of free and legal games that will blow your mind.'

Flower Preview for the PS3 from 1UP.com
Neat Kellee Santiago interview: 'It's as though the dreams in Flower occur in an imaginary place in which flowers make music, and the environment around you is singing.'

Ton of Clay: TA-ncient History #11: Ganz Vernichtung!
DeathSpank's Clayton Kauzlaric on localizing Total Annihilation. And it's actually fascinating, too!

Top Ten Indie Stories of 2008 | Pocketwatch Games
Andy Schatz, who made Venture Arctic and co-presents the IGF Awards for us, counts the indie game trends of 2008 down in style.