[GameSetLinks is GameSetWatch's daily link round-up post, culling from hundreds of weblogs and outlets to compile the most interesting longform writing, links, and criticism on the art and culture of video games.]

A relaxing Sunday evening and a bit of Mojave 3 will help usher in a new week with plenty enough GameSetLinks to go around - starting out with another 2K Marin staffer helping out those wanting to get into the game industry with some genuine, helpful tips.

Also hanging out in this batch of links - a high-profile MSNBC article that talks about IGF and indie games with some positivity, someone you wouldn't expect gets excited about achievements, changes at Joystiq, and interesting multimedia game-ish project via Channel 4 and Alice, and lots more.

To whom should I write:

vector poem » Getting Into Level Design
Another of those incredibly useful posts: 'This sounds simple, but making something you actually want to play makes it much easier to get over the hump of getting started.'

Tale of Tales» Blog » Achievements will save us all!
It's eye-opening to see who will get the bug, however unlikely: 'Achievements are a very simple mechanic. They require hardly any design, are easy to implement and instantly provide the player with motivation and goals.'

Wonderland: Routes
New multimedia thing thanks to Alice's commissioning at the UK semi-public broadcaster: 'Channel 4 education, in association with the Wellcome Trust, and conceived of and delivered by Oil Productions. Getting stuff to teens that's useful to them: in this case, we're going after the genome, DNA testing and other hot-button topics of the near future.'

Joystiq announcement: change is coming - Joystiq
The 'Fanboy' sites (DS, Xbox 360, etc) are being merged back under the Joystiq brand, which is interesting. Some peripheral contributors may have got cut, despite comments here, I think?

Broken Toys » The Real Hitler Problem
'The problem, though, that everyone seems to be dancing around: what, exactly, is *wrong* with depicting evil in gaming?'

Is this the future of video games? - Citizen Gamer- msnbc.com
Really, really awesome mainstream coverage of indie games and the IGF, yay.