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As the week rolls on, so do the GameSetLinks, starting out with a PC World feature checking out some Half-Life 2 mods created by Scandinavian students, including the (pictured) 'It's Mime Time', surely one of the oddest mods of an FPS ever.

Digging into these links, you'll also discover 1UP's epochally neat Retro Blog poking around highlights of the SNES area and coming up with polygonal rabbit star pilots, Jon Blow's sharp comments on the WGA writing awards, the slightly avant Vorpal Bunny Ranch and Versus CluClu Land both producing excellent analytical game writing, and more.

Phase bass phase bass:

Four Freaky Half-Life 2 Mods - PC World
Darren Gladstone takes the IGF Student Showcase winners as a jumping-off point and picks out and expands upon the slightly inspired DADIU titles - of which one was a finalist, but all were pretty demented.

1UP's Retro Gaming Blog : Heart on Fire: Key Moments in the 16-Bit Era - #03
Indeed, Star Fox and particularly the SuperFX chip are too often semi-forgotten, I think - not entirely sure why.

Braid » Blog Archive » About the WGA’s Video Game Writing Awards
Jonathan Blow takes on the Hollywood union's game writing awards: 'The problem is that it’s not really an award ceremony. It’s a membership drive masquerading as an award ceremony, and that’s a large part of the insult.'

Interview: Annabelle Kennedy << Attract Mode
Great interview with an up and coming indie game artist/designer. Also, I do genuinely think the indie scene may have more prominent women in creative roles (getting interviewed, etc) than AAA games, which is potentially a good sign.

Vorpal Bunny Ranch: Despite all my rage...
'Despite some people not liking the term ludonarrative dissonance, as a concept it exists in Gears of War: the game portrays you as a gruff, take-charge ex-prisoner who has to save humankind; problem is that you're doing all this while taking cover and rescuing your teammates so that you can progress in a stop-go fashion.'

Versus CluClu Land: Sweaty Delerium is the Worst Videogame Ever
This is the kind of writing about games we should see more of, odd though it is: 'So here's the thing: My hallucinatory feverishness had this distinct ludic quality.'