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Rolling right into the weekend, and this set of GameSetLinks appears to be a little heavy on the indie side - it's headed by something on the indie film side of things which is still fascinating to translate to what's happening in independent game media.

Also in here - totally retro Guitar Hero geekouts, NPR on indie, Dylan Fitterer on surfing with audio, a postmortem of a moody title with plenty of zombies, and much more.

Ka ka ka:

Nikki Finke’s Deadline Hollywood Daily » Sundance Film Festival Director Geoff Gilmore Talks ‘Evolution vs Revolution’
Running an independent-minded festival, it's interesting to see the trials and tribulations of the leading indie film fest outlined like this.

TRUE CHIP TILL DEATH » Chipstar Heroes unite
'With all the hype around Guitar Hero and Rockband (following the successful trail of the “DDR-type” games), the oldschool machines feel kind of left out of the loop.' C64 _and_ Amiga versions, natch.

My NPR piece on independent videogames - The Cut Scene - Video Game Blog by Variety on Variety.com
Another indie piece, by Variety's Ben Fritz, no less. And Dark Room Sex Game ahoy!

Charge Shot!!!: BestRideEver: A Talk with Dylan Fitterer
Neat new site has a pretty fun interview with the Audiosurf creator on music, games, and all things inbetween.

Zombpocalypse Postmortem - Buro-kun Developer Blog
Nice postmortem of a VERY individual, oddly atmospheric indie title.

IGN: Ten Trends That Are Saving Videogames
Indie games (with a prominent IGF mention) being one of them, hurrah.