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Time to return, in the wake of the IGF announcement, and oddly enough, this set of GameSetLinks is dominated by various random thoughts about independent video games and the wonderful world of them that we live in - including IGN coverage and a massive IndieGamer thread.

Also hanging out in here - Game-ism on Prince Of Persia, plus a new iPhone developer is birthed from High Moon, and the ever-avuncular and awesome LucasArts veteran Hal Barwood gets interviewed by the ACG folks.

Combine harvester:

IGN: Independent's Day Vol. 15: Mad Science
Some good delving through the IGF entries here, in this excellent indie column which is somewhat buried on IGN's site.

Hal Barwood - Finite Arts - Interview - Adventure Classic Gaming
Looking forward to checking out the English version of Mata Hari, since it's very LucasArts homage-y.

The end of indie? - Indiegamer Developer Discussion Boards
A really interesting thread about the PC indie and casual game scene and monetization. Of course, awesome stuff will still ensue even without monetization working, but...

Game-Ism: 'Tale of Two Princes'
Pseudonymous game biz type Spitfire deconstructs the new PoP excellently, explaining how it's the 'sister' of Assassin's Creed: 'I know we’re not going to get it, but what I wish we could have, with all of my heart, is for Ubi to re-combine these two teams again, and give us Prince of Creed. Assassin’s Prince.'

Fridays With Farzad: Appy Devil « Appy Place
Ah, some ex-High Moon guys have set up a new iPhone developer, intemeresting! Here's how their logo got made...

vector poem » What I Get Out of Indie
An old post from the creator of notable IGF entry Purity (and BioShock 2 developer) JP LeBreton, but I only just found it, and it's v.relevant to the indie/mainstream thing.