[GameSetWatch is extremely proud to debut the return - after a more than 2 year hiatus - of the column from legendary journalist Joseph 'BUZZ' Berkley. 'BUZZ' really has the measure of today's gaming market, and it's Sony's Kaz Hirai which has prompted his return from exile.]

There's been a lot of internet BUZZ over some comments that Sony Computer Entertaiment chairman Kaz Hirai made in the February 2009 issue of Official PlayStation Magazine.

For example, there's the following exchange to consider: "This is not meant in terms of numbers, or who's got the biggest install base, or who's selling most in any particular week or month, but I'd like to think that we continue official leadership in this industry."

These are comments which happen to mirror those that I made in my column of October 26th, 2006. But what Eurogamer didn't bother to cover was Kaz's refutation of the persistent claim that his pants are, in fact, on fire.

While the claim has gone unaddressed for some time, Kaz has finally deigned to deliver his own brand of PR to the situation. "These are not flames," Hirai was cited as saying, according to reliable sources. "I am not on fire. I just like having warm pants."

Kaz (pictured above, in earlier, less smoldering times) went on to explain that he was actually beta testing Sony's new Garment Heating Device, the Sony Pant & Suit Sweat Suite, or P3S.

He explained that any smoke, or appearance of a chemical reaction involving oxygen, fuel and heat resulting in the creation of light and heat were entirely within Sony's design specifications, and should not be construed as "fire", despite industry comments to the contrary.

Then, in his typical aggressive fashion, Hirai went on the offensive. "Sony's Garment Warming Device may be something of an expert level product. It's not for everyone. The Garment Warming Device offered by Microsoft may produce somewhat less ash, but the heating element tends to wear out in a year or two. These slacks will be hot nine years from now."

Hirai had less to say about Nintendo's offerings. "I think they're making glove warmers these days? What's with that?"

Finally, Kaz addressed those who criticize his pants-related comments. "You might think you know what fire is, and that there is fire on my pants. What I'm saying is, maybe you don't know what fire is? And maybe I do." He then ran off in search of cooling devices for his burning trousers, yelling: "FRIIIIIIIIIIDGE CHAAAASER!"

['Berkley's BUZZ' was a regular column from veteran game journo Joseph Berkley, whose illustrious career extends from the formation of Video Game BUZZ Monthly back in 1982 all the way to the founding of seminal teen game mag 'GameBUZZ - For Kids!' in 1992.

More recently, he was a regular columnist for much-loved late '90s game mag Big Important Thing, and the author of self-help manual: 'BUZZ Says - Less Drugs, More Games!' He has been unable to write for GSW of late, due to his demanding Managing Editor position at Official Phantom Magazine.]