[Every week, GamerBytes' editor Ryan Langley passes along the top console digital download news tidbits from the past 7 days, including brand new game announcements and scoops through the world of Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network and WiiWare.]

This week's top story is our interview with Craig Forrester, creator of the popular XNA Community game Johnny Platform's Biscuit Romp. Originally a Nintendo DS homebrew title, it's made its way onto the Xbox 360. We discuss the time and effort required to bring it over to XNA.

Outside of that, this weeks XBLA's releases are The Maw and possibly FunTown Mahjong (read that article for the whole ridiculous antics behind this).

The PlayStation Network got its hand with Magic Ball, a new take on Breakout; and GTI Club+, a remake of a classic Konami racer that Gamasutra publisher Simon Carless is quite fond of. WiiWare got the latest game from High Voltage Software, Hot Rod Racing, as well as Family Glide Hockey.

Here's the top news in the space:

Xbox Live Arcade

The Maw And Funtown Mahjong (maybe) Now Available On XBLA
The one-eyed purple beast of the apocalypse makes its way onto XBLA. And in another example of not knowing what's coming out, possibly FunTown Mahjong. Some 5th Grader DLC too.

GamerBytes Interview: From Nintendo DS To XNA Community Games -- How The Cookie Crumbles
We interview Craig Forrester about his recently released XNA game Johnny Platform's Biscuit Romp, and its history of originally being Nintendo DS homebrew.

Try Defense Grid: The Awakening Right Now On PC
The upcoming Tower Defense game for the XBLA has released a demo for the PC version -- try before you buy!

Try Out Puzzle Quest Galactrix Via Online Demo
Another PC demo released for upcoming XBLA and PSN title -- give Puzzle Quest Galactrix a shot now.

PlayStation Network

EU PSN Store Update -- Magic Ball and An Explosion Of PSN DLC
Creat Studio's Magic Ball is released, and about a year's worth of High Velocity Bowling DLC released along with it.

US PSN Store Update -- GTI Club+ And Magic Ball
People in North America now get a chance to drive around in a remake of a classic Konami racer, and smash down pirate ships Arkanoid style.

First Footage Of NHL Arcade Revealed
Title says it all -- watch big-headed hockey players slip over banana peels.

Flower Out On February 12th
The PlayStation Network's wind simulator is only three weeks away.

OutRun Online Arcade Not Coming To PSN In America
If you love OutRun and live in America, you're going to have to grab it on XBLA.


NA WiiWare Update: High Voltage Hot Rod Show And Family Glide Hockey
High Voltage Software's latest foray onto WiiWare is now up, along with a lower-budget rendition of air hockey.

EU WiiWare Update -- Lonpos
One of the Japanese WiiWare launch titles finally makes its way to Europe.

Hudson Announces Pop'em Drop'em SameGame
Hudson continue their market flood on WiiWare with a new rendition of SameGame.