[Have been enjoying my Gamasutra colleague Chris Remo's Idle Thumbs leisure-time podcast of late, and especially the game-related songs he's been doing for it, so I thought it might be nice for him to showcase a couple of the highlights here. So here we go!]

In my all-too-scant free time, I co-host a podcast with colleagues Nick Breckon of Shacknews and Jake Rodkin of Telltale Games. The name Idle Thumbs is a holdover from the gaming culture site Jake and I founded with some UK chaps in 2004.

One of the duties I have taken up is regularly writing and recording songs for the show, based on games I'm playing or topics that will only be amusing to people who obsessively keep up with gaming blogs and news sites, as our listeners presumably do. (Apparently, this is what a music degree from UC Berkeley gets me.)

This week, Simon suggested I publish the lyrics on GameSetWatch periodically. "I have trouble making them out sometimes," he explained.

For this first post, I'm reaching back to "The Fable of Love," from Idle Thumbs 4: The Fable of Love. It was a reaction to my experiences with Fable II's relationship mechanics, which I also explored in a Gamasutra piece.

The song and podcast can both be downloaded directly from the official site. The lyrics are as follows:

The Fable of Love (MP3)

"Girl, I met you passing through Bowerstone
Why can't we be alone?
Just you and me, without these twenty-three
other villagers standing around?
Don't they have other things to do,
when I'm farting in your face for Peter Molyneux?

Oh, girl, our love is like a fable,
even though it smells like the horse's stable
Because when I broke out in flatulant song,
I went on a little too long,
and I crapped my new sarong that my dog dug up with a condom

But back to you and me, or maybe us three
There's a housewife back in Oakvale I've turned bisexual
My Russian dancing was quite effectual
and I've acquired us a home
by killing the family who lived there before
I busted down the door and let myself in
Yes, I suppose that it's a sin
But I'll just fart around the town until I'm once again renowned

Oh, girl, our love is like a Fable
Even though I seem unable to communicate with you

But with my flexing, my caressing,
with my farts, you will know what's in my heart."

To wrap this up, I will keep a tally of all the various ways our site can be accessed; some of these alternate URLs have been kindly donated by listeners based on jokes from the show: