[Have been enjoying my Gamasutra colleague Chris Remo's Idle Thumbs leisure-time podcast of late, and especially the game-related songs he's been doing for it, so I thought it might be nice for him to showcase a couple of the highlights here. So here we go!]

For today's installment of this new series highlighting songs from the Idle Thumbs podcast, I'm plucking out "Stop (Doing Interviews)" from the relatively recent Idle Thumbs 7: Stop Doing Interviews.

Enjoying this piece is heavily contingent on being aware of this blog post by Infinity Ward communications director Robert Bowling, who expressed his frustration with Activision producer Noah Heller for relying too heavily on calling out Infinity Ward's own Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare in press interviews regarding Call of Duty: World at War. (It is also slightly contingent on an in-joke from the podcast about the misinterpretation of "senior" as "señor.") The song is sung from Bowling's perspective.

The song and podcast can both be downloaded directly from the official site. The lyrics are as follows:

Stop (Doing Interviews) (MP3)

"Señor Super Douche,
stop doing interviews

And if I see one more
Google alert for Call of Duty 4
because of an interview you did,
I'll flip my lid

Please, Señor S. Douche,
stop doing interviews

Seriously man, you're killing me
(you're killing me)
Interview about your own game, not ours
(not ours)
Call of Duty: World at War can stand on its own merits
(on its own)
Leave ours out of it
Like this gem of a quote from today's article on CVG:
(on the internet)

'In the previous Call of Dutys
it might take three or four shots
from a bolt-action rifle'

And what the fuck are you talking about?
'In previous Call of Dutys, blah blah blah'
You didn't work on previous Call of Dutys
So don't talk as if you're...
(just shut your face)
As if you're down with how slash why
things were designed the way they were
(you don't know anything about my shit)
And secondly, you're completely fucking wrong
(oh snap)

And to the press, please stop talking to this guy
Talk to someone on the team
Or your interviews will be full of lies

Señor Super Douche,
you're pulling shit out of your ass

And here's the growing tally of amusing alternate URLs for Idle Thumbs, some of which have been kindly donated by listeners based on jokes from the show: