Finishing up the weekend with the best of last week's long-form posts on Gamasutra and our other Gamasutra Network site which publishes multi-page features,, we start off with Christian Nutt's interviews providing a neat tech look at Monolith's (pictured) F.E.A.R 2.

But also in here - Matt Matthews dissecting NPD for November, the latest Game Design Challenge results, sound concepting with Spider-Man, the return of Analyze This for year's end, plus an intriguing student serious game interview.

Here we go:

The Technology of F.E.A.R. 2: An Interview on Engine and AI Development (
"What puts the F.E.A.R into game technologists? This Gamasutra interview with a Monolith duo discusses F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin's tech underpinnings, from workflow to AI and beyond."

Analyze This: Looking Back at the Year in Gaming 2008 (
"Ending the year, Gamasutra's regular 'Analyze This' column sees analysts from OTX, Wedbush Morgan and EEDAR looking back on the hits and misses of 2008, from Wii Fit to Too Human and beyond."

Results from the Game Design Challenge: Cut the Cutscene (
"Cutscenes provide an easy way for game designers to tell a part of a story or convey information, but they do it in a way that is not integral to playing games. In a recent game design challenge, we asked you to think of ways to give the same information, but through gameplay rather than a cinematic."

Sound Concepting: Selling the Game, Creating its Auditory Style (
"This audio feature has Shaba's Meyer explaining how sound concepting plays a vital role in a game's creative direction, with real-life examples from Spider Man: Web of Shadows."

Inside the IGF 2009: Sneak Peek at De Menezes International (
"In this series of interviews, GameCareerGuide is talking to student game-makers who have submitted projects to the IGF student competition. Here, the students at the IT University of Copenhagen who made De Menezes International talk about the serious game, which deals with the anti-terrorism movement."

NPD: Behind the Numbers, November 2008 (
"In this exclusive analysis, Gamasutra's Matt Matthews looks in-depth at November's NPD U.S. results, revealing the real economic picture, Sony's challenges and much more."