A little more GameSetLinks for the early week, starting out with Andrew Mayer's fun post about Burning Man and Fallout 3 - one of the few posts on the post-apocalypse that ties it to current day events, scarily enough.

Also in here - the Minotaur China Shop madness, 24 comes to Japan on PS2 finally, a good Blipfest report, and info on the DQ Tycoon game, possibly the yummiest Tycoon title released in, say, the last couple of weeks.

Losing to Jens Pulver:

Andrew P. Mayer » Blog Archive » 10 ways that Fallout 3 is like Burning man.
Cute - very cute.

Minotaur China Shop Is Live, We Talk To Flashbang | Rock, Paper, Shotgun
I maybe don't talk about Flashbang enough because they help organize the IGF with me, so I forget to call them out - but here's RPS pointing out the Blurst expansion, and the super-funny Minotaur China Shop.

Jeremy's 1UP Blog: '...A Dragon Quest X-inspired rant'
Interesting and perceptive, though from the Japanese game-loving perspective, sure - but maybe that makes it more interesting still? '2008 was the year I stopped caring about AAA releases.'

Fort90 Journal » “OMG, Chinese ROM Hack X 2 FTW”: Blip Fest 2008
Absolutely insanely gigantic BlipFest write-up from Fort90, Click-Stick and DMauro - good job, lads.

XBLA Sales Charts - Week Ending 11/22/08 | VG Chartz.com
Ah, the latest one of these, with total and reaaasonably accurate extrapolated stats for Xbox Live Arcade titles - always interesting.

大都技研公式パチスロシミュレーター『24 -TWENTY FOUR-』 PS2
Interesting, they only JUST released the ancient PS2 game based on 24 in Japan - I've heard the show is quite big for a Western TV series there, hence the, uhh, 24 pachinko. [UPDATE: Colleague Christian Nutt just worked out that this new PS2 title is actually a pachinko machine conversion, not the old Sony title. Even crazier!]

YouTube Videos Pull In Real Money - NYTimes.com
'Mr. Williams, who counts about 180,000 subscribers to his videos, said he was earning $17,000 to $20,000 a month via YouTube. Half of the profits come from YouTube’s advertisements, and the other half come from sponsorships and product placements within his videos, a model that he has borrowed from traditional media.' V. interesting metrics, tho he is super high-end (he's in Top 20 most-subscribed.)

'Are You Skilled Enough to Run a Dairy Queen?' - MarketWatch
Just got sent a copy of this for PC - 'DQ Tycoon' also comes with a coupon for a free Blizzard! (Shake, not World Of Warcraft developer.) Funny.