Time for some GameSetLinks goodness, on this fabulous Friday, and it's headed out by the Action Button-ers' gloriously random ramble on Dead Space - such is his rambunctious way.

But also hanging out in here - indie games times two, Infinity Ward's LED controller of coolness, law firms in the game industry, the Play Auditorium surrealism, an off-topic Killers video, and other things that must not be named.

Nibbler power:

press the ACTION BUTTON!!'s review of 'Dead Space'
I presume this is Tim Rogers - tremendously entertaining, in any case: 'Dead Space is an interactive cinematic experience about depressed, frustrated kleptomaniacs stomping corpses in zero gravity.'

Ragdoll Metaphysics: 2008 And The Indie Renaissance - Offworld
Awesome Jim Rossignol paean to something I obviously love - independent games: '2008 was the year that, for me at least, indie gaming was confirmed as a vital, valid movement within the world of gaming.'

The Work of Play: law firms cater to the video game industry | Technology | Los Angeles Times
Another v.interesting Alex Pham piece on the game biz for the LA Times.

YouTube - The Killers Human EMA 08
Yes, it's off-topic for games technically, but visually feels like some kind of Mizuguchi vs. Klax insanity to me, so hey.

Cowboy Programming » Custom responsiveness measuring device
Wow, following on from Mick West's recent Gamasutra article on responsiveness in games and a potential issue with it, plus a stylish solution: 'The guys at Infinity Ward saw this problem [of 'you have to set up the controller so you can see the button being pressed, which means your finger or thums starts off not touching the button'], and their solution was to commission modder Benjamin Heckendorn to build a custom joystick that had a seperate display with an individual LED for each button.'

IndieCade Roundup Article // PC /// Eurogamer
Rounding up the indie games shown at GameCity in Nottingham with Indiecade this year - a good slice of the art-game crossover crowd.

enemy6 - Jason Nelson's latest outside art Flash game oddness
As he explained to me in email: 'It's a sequel of sorts to game, game, game and again game, based on screen shots from odd and popular sites and is another artwork/platform game/digital poem.' Bravo.

chewing pixels » Best Thing I Saw Today #37: Play Auditorium
Oop, I got sent info on this really neat Flash music-abstract weirdness, and I forgot to mention - luckily, Simon Parkin picks up the slack.