Time to blast off some GameSetLinks, even though I'm not strictly here right now (in the middle of flying to South Korea - the delights of timed posting ahead, eh?) - and it starts off with some random Brandon Sheffield-unearthed 'trick videos' that are entertaining in an oddly filmic way.

But there's plenty of other things in here, from, yes, some musings on the lack of a T-Pain (pictured!) game, through Avaloop's unique-looking online world, the L.A. Times on game soundtracks, a scary new Postal bundled retail pack, and lots more.

In dee eeed:

insertcredit.com: Mrwhitefolks' trick videos
Sheffield points out some fun pieces - I particularly like the Queen/Dead Rising piece. Nothing spectacular glitch-wise, just a damn well cut-together, entertaining video.

YouTube - Papermint gameplay video
Gameplay video of Avaloop's super-psychedelic online world, which is just entering open beta - most interesting from a visual standpoint.

Their music for video games depends on play - Los Angeles Times
Good Alex Pham piece on soundtracks: 'In a few short years, as the visual effects and realism of video games have evolved, so too have their soundtracks -- from comical bleeps and annoying loops of ear candy to lush, epic soundtracks that instantly adapt to fit whatever a player decides to do.'

Love Letter | Papermint
Also re: Avaloop - whoa, this is fascinating, in that it documents, in Babsi's words, the long route to publisher apathy on their online world.

Wolfire Blog - Knytt Stories design tour
Another excellent design tour, after World Of Goo.

Game People > Audio Gamer > Review > Wii > Wii-Sports
This is deeply odd, and slightly Dada - via Xian.

Go POSTAL: 10th anniversary Postal Krotchy collector's edition box set
Including, yes: 'POSTALforms! Reinact your favorite video game moments in Paradise with these articulated, peel-away POSTAL characters including The Postal Dude, Champ, Krotchy, Osama and a couple of victims for your weapons and urine streams!' NSFW, needless to say.

YouTube: T-Pain & Lil Wayne - 'Can't Believe It'
So there's a Soulja Boy game coming - how about a T-Pain game? This video shows how iconic the tophatted Autotune addict is. Heck, he could play a lovable loser with a twist, a la Leisure Suit Larry. (I'm somewhat serious - seems like someone should be able to do quick-to-develop hiphop star games for digital download - you might make a mint!)