Well, in the newly silent world of 'comments not working', GameSetLinks has returned, and starting out with, darn, yes, Lester Bangs and game criticism, yet again - but actually not handled too badly.

Also hanging out in here - the danger of Party Babyz, the Artsy Game Incubator, American McGee's call to unity, the non-return of visual novels, piggy banks and games, and quite a few things besides.

Well hello there:

Does Video Game Criticism Need a Lester Bangs? < Multimedia | PopMatters
This is, surprisingly, a well-written article about Bangs himself that doesn't focus too much on the tedious 'why isn't there?' question. Hurray.

Artsy Games Incubator » Blog Archive » New Games Released and AGI Expansion
Not only are the latest art-incubated games available, but Jim Munroe is asking for AGI expansions worldwide, which would be a delightful thing.

chewing pixels » Bow Street Runner Wins BAFTA
GameSetWatch columnist Simon Parkin gets a UK BAFTA for his episodic point and click web game - congratulations are in order.

American McGee’s Blog | Shared Knowledge = Healthy Growth
Besides McGee's nice Gamasutra shout-out, this is an interesting call to (shared) arms: 'Developers and publishers could and should go one step further by pushing their knowledge, their tools, and their solutions to interesting problems and challenges out to communal repositories.' Hey, Insomniac is trying it, to some extent.

Will Visual Novels Ever Escape Obscurity? « High Dynamic Range Lying
An interesting musing on something I was discussing a few days back: 'If there really is no room for visual novels and reading in the future of western games, is there some other avenue to introduce it to the western world and garner an audience?'

Wired.com: This Little Piggy Bank Became a Videogame
Nice gallery of the game-related banks, I lusted after these when I was at TGS but there's no fansub translated versions, heh, soo....

A Vampyre Story - Review - Adventure Classic Gaming
Checking out one of the first 2D adventure titles from LucasArts alumni to pop up recently - also see Mata Hari.

Alex Litel's Lackluster Emporium: Babyz. Party Babyz.
GSW columnist Litel plays through 'unimanual-flailing regiment Imagine Party Babyz' - and chaos of the word-based kind ensues.