You know, it genuinely appears to be Christmas-time, so while I'm knocking back the eggnog, I'd like to thank all GameSetWatch readers, commenters, and contributors for the entirity of 2008.

Rather unbelievably, we've been operating since late 2005, and we're still piling on RSS readers and (reasonably) appreciative fans for what we do nowadays, which is, we've decided: "In-depth articles, interviews & opinions from the Gamasutra Network, plus industry jobs, exclusive alt.gaming columns and link round-ups."

So - thanks, you awesome folks, and I hope you have a beautiful Christmas Day. We'll be around, posting random stuff, of course. Here's some links:

Tale of Tales» Blog » Not to be forgotten aspects of videogame design
The folks behind The Path make a good list of game items that people sometimes don't pay attention to - and should do!

Tiny Q&A: Lock's Quest and producing artwork for DS, Part 2 - Tiny Cartridge
I was just discussing how 5th Cell's title was under-rated, too - nice chat about the alluring pixel art.

Lost Garden: Fishing Girl Prototype results
Daniel Cook's prototype competition spawns a successful Flash game, sold for real money. Impressive.

Games and Men: The indie game developer's start-up cost
A nice idea, if a bit fixated on fixed costs, perhaps: 'This article is a free exploration on the cost of starting an indie game business.'

T=Machine » Does It Lose Money When You Do That? Don’t Do That
Ex-NCSoft-er Adam Martin is obnoxious _and_ opinionated to all heck, but it turns out he's pretty smart, so I guess it's OK? Here's some discussions of MMO failures.

Experience Points: A Touchy Subject
You know, this is a really good point, and one I hadn't considered: 'Outside of cut scenes, people rarely touch in videogames.'

Banana Pepper Martinis: Feedback on Feedback
Further discussion on the Shawn Elliott reviews symposium, rounding up backlash and un-backlash, including the still ARG-like (but apparently forgiven!) PixelVixen707.

Llamasoft's Jeff Minter Interview - Eurogamer
I'm delighted that Jeff Minter gets it now, albeit reluctantly: 'As far as I'm concerned, I like to do things cheap, but ever since I did that on Live, loads of people have been telling me I was trying to sell it too cheap! There's this thing called 'perceived value' I suppose, so I'm now just trying to be in line with what other independent games are like on PC, really - roughly the same ballpark, I think.'