The week continues, and with it the GameSetLinks fun and games - headed by a pleasant return by my co-worker Brandon Sheffield and his cohorts to the beautifully esoteric Insert Credit, a site I've even guestblogged for before, but just aren't emo enough anymore for (no, wait, J-random enough, that's what I meant!)

Also in here - Chris Remo CAUGHT IN THE WILD by Tim Schafer, Kevin Gifford on the Player One Podcast - wait, is this link post all self-referential? Ah well, you should be able to find a link or two that doesn't mention our own journalists, like the BlazBlue fighting game reviews and Jake Simpson on the game biz, huzzah.

Delighful: Link: The VNs of al|together 2008
Yay, Game Developer EIC Brandon Sheffield plus Vincent Diamante and buddies are back and updating IC with all kinds of J-weirdness, just like it should be.

Welcome to Jake World - Game Industry Primer Pts.1, 2
Ex-Linden programmer Jake Simpson with a fascinating two-part primer about the game biz for the uninitiated in the film, other media biz. You may know, but many don't.

Shawn Elliott: Commencing Countdown
A 'big, ambitious project that will span several months' talking about the state of gaming with a lot of today's most interesting critics.

Player One Podcast - guest starring Kevin Gifford
Aha, our very own Magweasel makes an appearance on the popular podcast.

Subatomic Brainfreeze: Blazblue impressions
The odd theming is cos there's something going on here with Arc System Works losing the rights to Guilty Gear, rumors say - here's a neat review of the US arcade version, Nayan has more impressions.

Double Fine Action News - At least they had Tamales there.
Wow, our own Chris Remo paparazzi-ed by Tim Schafer. Danger, Will Robinson! ยป Best of the Design Competition
Morrison presents the results of the GSW-promoted competition to ' a game that had peripheral benefit, a game that the player would view as a worthwhile experience outside of enjoying a piece of entertainment.'

g-mixer . mark cooke . blog: Doing Business as a Foreign Designer in Japan
On a new PingMag interview: 'Although not specifically game related, from my experience what Parissa said rings very true.'