['Bell, Game, and Candle' is a regular GameSetWatch column by writer Alex Litel, discussing stuff that happens - or doesn't happen - in the game business. This time, he borrows from the EA/Take-Two saga to fulfill his entrepreneurial aspirations.]

Dear Brash Entertainment Proprietors:

I am writing to you to formally express my interest in acquiring the name “Brash Entertainment” and to propose a transaction in which I would acquire the exclusive, perpetual rights to the “Brash Entertainment” moniker for $300 in cash and, in accordance with the advice of my financial adviser, a dozen cookies from a bakery of your choice (value up to $25).

This proposed nomenclatural transfer would infuse some much-needed liquidity to pay off mounting debts you are facing. Based on the recent sale of the majority of likewise financially addled Midway Games for $100,000, my calculations show that this offer provides a delicious premium of more than 50% on the fair market value of about $200.

To sidestep the imminent corrosion of value, I believe the quick conclusion of this transaction is in the best interest of the both of us. Hesitance will prove disastrous for the both of us in today’s troubled economy and presents a serious obstacle to our respective future business endeavors.

I also believe that the proposed entitlement exchange would eventually create additional value the name would not acquire otherwise with my plan to create a Brash Entertainment that combines the best in independent film properties with the best talent in independent gaming that targets an audience thus far untargeted by gaming companies.

The initial lineup would include game versions of Academy Award-nominated drama Half-Nelson, cult horror flick Stay Alive, mind-bending thriller π, heist comedy Bottle Rocket, and crime drama Hard Eight—and these titles would be distributed through cheap, accessible download services. The low cost of licenses combined with the low cost of entry and low development cost would create a high margin opportunity.

Considerable time and resources have been put forth in developing this offer, and I have personally approved its disclosure. My offer is not contingent on any financing requirement. I have completed a thorough review of Brash’s prior and once-future output and am prepared to progress immediately on a transaction with no impediment to either party. Given recent reportage that indicates a dearth of professional activity, I feel it is fully reasonable to expect a reply by the close of this business week on Friday, December 4, 2008.


Alex Litel
Extraordinary Professional

[Alex Litel can be reached at [email protected] and occasionally found at alexlitel.blogspot.com. He does sympathize with developers and publishing staff affected by the Brash situation, so don't start.]