[Every week, IndieGames.com: The Weblog editor Tim W. will be summing up some of the top free-to-download and commercial indie games from the last seven days, as well as any notable features on his sister 'state of indie' weblog.]

This week on 'Best Of Indie Games', we take a look at some of the top independent PC Flash/downloadable titles released over this last week.

The delights in this edition include a time-management game from Flashbang Studios, an original game with C64-style sprites and music, a remake of The Graveyard, a puzzle game inspired by Daniel Benmergui's I Wish I Were the Moon, and a visual novel recommendation by colleague Brandon Sheffield.

Here are the picks:

Game Pick: 'Devil Ronin' (Howard Kistler, freeware)
"An original C64-style game created for the Retro Remakes 2008 competition, where players assume control over a rebel oni who has sided with humanity and seeks to rid Japan of the demon scourge plaguing the entire country. This will involve travelling from one prefecture to another as he makes his way north for the final showdown with the Demon Shogun."

Game Pick: 'Minotaur China Shop' (Flashbang Studios, browser)
"A new physics-based time management game from the folks who made Off-Road Velociraptor Safari and Jetpack Brontosaurus. In it, players can choose to either serve the needs of their customers by fetching the goods they request for, or destroy as many fragile objects in the shop as they can before the local enforcement arrives to arrest our protagonist for misbehaviour."

Game Pick: 'I Fell in Love With The Majesty of Colors' (Gregory Weir, browser)
"A short puzzle game created by GameSetWatch columnist Gregory Weir, where players can arrive at any of the five separate endings by experimenting with different action (or inaction) for each scene."

Game Pick: 'The Eggyard' (Yxxa Zu and Monochrome, freeware)
"A single-screen art game mashup of Custer's Revenge featuring Dizzy as the main character. In it, players attempt to guide our old buddy to the end of a short level without being hit by coffins falling from the sky."

Game Pick: 'Crimsoness' (Porn, freeware)
"A visual novel which tells the story of a girl with plenty of bottled up rage caused by pressure of studies. A tense exam pushes her over the edge, and players are given a total of three minutes to help our protagonist with crucial decisions on how to go about wrecking havoc in her school premises."