[Every week, we sum up sister iPhone site FingerGaming's top news and reviews for Apple's nascent -- and increasingly exciting -- portable games platform, as written by editor Matt Burris and guest editor Danny Cowan.]

This week's notable items in the iPhone gaming space include mobile adaptations for the SimCity and Katamari Damacy franchises, the awaited debut of ngmoco's Rolando, and news of Konami's initial iPhone lineup.

Here are the top stories:

Rolando in App Store
"ngmoco's most ambitious iPhone project to date, Rolando, features interactive environments, physics-based puzzles, and a control setup that takes advantage of the hardware's tilt and multi-touch functions."

Equilibrio Developer Diary 4: Screenshot Day
"I can now say that we're in the last phase of the game’s production. We're polishing text and levels, and improving the overall framerate and pacing of the game. We also pushed a version of the game to the IGF. I hope the judges will enjoy it."

Konami Reveals Four for iPhone, Including Metal Gear, Silent Hill
"Konami has announced four new iPhone and iPod Touch titles, including the mystery Metal Gear Solid release recently teased at developer Kojima Productions' website."

SimCity in App Store
"Resembling the 1998 PC release of SimCity 3000 in looks and function, the new iPhone adaptation of SimCity also boasts its own set of exclusive features and control options."

Toy Bot Diaries Entry 3 in App Store
"IUGO Mobile Entertainment has released the final installment in its Toy Bot Diaries series, Toy Bot Diaries Entry 3. The trilogy's finale promises 'a crescendo of challenges, superb levels and an exciting conclusion,' in which the amnesiac Toy Bot confronts his nemesis War Bot and attempts to save the Earth."

inXile Acquires Fantastic Contraption, Announces iPhone Port
"inXile entertainment announced today that the company has acquired the rights to develop and publish mobile and console editions of the online physics-based construction puzzler Fantastic Contraption. An iPhone adaptation is planned for release "in time for the holiday season," according to inXile's press release."

i Love Katamari in App Store
"i Love Katamari follows up on the franchise’s previous console and mobile offerings with a new accelerometer-controlled twist on Katamari Damacy's unique roll-em-up gameplay."