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RealNetworks: Casual Game Designer
"GameHouse Studios is a leading provider of games serving the Casual Games market since 2000 and has over 50 games to its credit. We have an open environment and value creativity and hard work. GameHouse Studios is owned by RealNetworks, Inc. a rapidly growing, cutting edge technology, web based digital music, online gaming and streaming company headquartered in Seattle, Washington. Real provides the universal platform for the delivery of any digital media from any point of origin, across virtually any network, to any person on any Internet-enabled device, anywhere in the world."

Factor 5: Combat Designer
"Designers at Factor 5 are responsible for a combination of level and system design. Depending on the specific role the balance may shift towards one discipline or the other, but each designer is expected to have at least a basic understanding of all aspects of design and be able to learn quickly even in areas outside their primary expertise. Designers will work with the Lead Designer to document all game systems and levels, then work iteratively with all other disciplines to create 'AAA' quality gameplay."

AiLive: Art Director
"AiLive is a California-based company best known for its motion control products on the Wii. AiLive has spent years perfecting a one-of-a-kind machine learning technology for behavior capture, which will drive entirely new forms of gameplay. Earlier this year, the lead designer of Guitar Hero and Rock Band joined AiLive as Creative Director. The Art Director will join as another key member of a growing, world-class team that is determined to exploit their unique strengths to create amazing new games."

TimeGate Studios: Senior Technical Artist
"TimeGate Studios, developer of the award-winning F.E.A.R. Extraction Point and Kohan series, is looking for talented and driven individuals to work on its current line of next-generation products for major publishers. Projects in development include the Unreal Engine 3-powered Section 8, a team-based first-person shooter where elite powered-armor infantry wage war on epic sci-fi battelfields."

WorldsInMotion - Online Game Jobs

Bluehole Studio: Director of Marketing
"Bluehole Interactive is seeking a Director of Marketing for its flagship MMORPG title in North America. The title is being developed by the core members of the team that developed and serviced Lineage II, which achieved worldwide revenues second only to World of Warcraft. The new title is envisioned to be one of the top three MMORPGs in the world by 2011. The title has been under development since March 2007 by 100 + developers, and it is on schedule for beta release in the summer 2009."

SeriousGamesSource - Serious Game Jobs

America's Army Game: Artist Squad Leader
"Launched in July 2002, the America's Army game has penetrated contemporary culture and is one of the most recognizable game brands as a result of its unique inside perspective of the U.S. Army and its exciting game play. As the game's popularity continued to grow, the Army has expanded its brand through a variety of products including console and cell phone games In the near future, the America's Army brand will expand with America's Army Game version 3.0. We're looking for an experienced, exceptionally knowledgeable, talented, and motivated Lead Artist to join our team."

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