Time to round up the week's highlights on big sister site Gamasutra and its selected compatriots, and there's some really interesting stuff in here - particularly a discussion on game schools and IP, alongside a neat interview with Insomniac's Ted Price.

Some of the other neatness? Scrum discussions, game design pacing, some GCG.com design challenges and postmortems, the state of the industry via Sony, EA, Take-Two and more at a mammoth financial conference, and even Todd McFarlane with his (pictured) game action figures, among other things.

Mister Mosquito says:

Gamasutra Features

Peeking Inside Insomniac: A Conversation With Ted Price
"Gamasutra talks extensively to Insomniac CEO Ted Price, following Resistance 2's launch, discussing the company's history, relationship with Sony, development methodology, and much more."

Controversy In The Classroom: Whose IP Is It Anyway?
"Students at game schools are producing award-winning games -- but who owns them after graduation? Gamasutra talks to IGF-winning creators, attorneys and game schools on the controversy."

Gameplay Fundamentals Revisited: Harnessed Pacing & Intensity
"Former EA and THQ design director Lopez looks at pacing in games versus films and TV for Gamasutra, explaining how careful planning can produce a perfect intensity curve for games."

Beyond Scrum: Lean and Kanban for Game Developers
"If you've discovered the value of Scrum agile development while making your game, expert Clinton Keith outlines Lean and Kanban, two ways you can be agile during all phases of the game development process."

Called Back to Duty: Activision on Iterating on Success
"How do you follow up one of the most successful video games of this generation -- a mere year later, when it's still selling for full price? Activision senior producer Noah Heller talks to Gamasutra about Call Of Duty: World At War."

Gamasutra/Other Originals

BMO Round-Up: Industry Leaders Wax Lyrical At Financial Conference
"At yesterday's BMO Capital financial conference, a slate of the industry's top executives -- from Nintendo and Microsoft through EA, Ubisoft, Take-Two and more -- explained the state of their market in the financial downturn and their plans for 2009 -- here's Gamaustra's round-up of the event's top stories."

GCG Readers Tackle Black History Challenge, Toy with Time in Games
"GameCareerGuide has posted the three strongest reader responses to its recent Game Design Challenge, about using games to teach Black history in schools. The site has also posted the next challenge, which deals with ‘time’ and ‘replay’ in games, and looks to the 2008 Experimental Gameplay Workshop for inspiration."

The Color And The Shape: Bizarre Creations On GeoWars' Sensible Aesthetic
"In many ways, the team at Bizarre Creations produced a successful formula for Geometry Wars by accident -- and during GameCity, its creators talked about the logical sources of the game's distinctive look, feel and sound, and the challenges of evolving it through its various iterations."

Interview: McFarlane Talks 38 Studios, Revitalizing Game Toys
"Spawn creator Todd McFarlane has more than one foot in the game biz nowadays, thanks to Halo 3 and new Guitar Hero action figures, and his work on 38 Studios' forthcoming MMO title with Curt Schilling - and he discusses both in-depth with Gamasutra in this exclusive interview."

GCG: Postmortem of Collins College’s Eternal Winter
"Collins College graduate Blake Mitchell has written a postmortem, published on GameCareerGuide.com, of Eternal Winter, a mod created with the Unreal 2004 Editor that Mitchell and his peers developed as part of their game development program curriculum."

In-Depth: Inside The Magical World Of David Jaffe
"God of War developer and Eat Sleep Play founder David Jaffe has never been reputed for self-concealment, and in a videoconferencing session at the recent GameCity, he took attendees directly into his home office, where he bluntly tackled audience questions -- and let slip a few hints on his next project."