Catching up on some GameSetLinks goodness, and there's some random fun in here, starting with some video footage from the relatively unseen (and canned) The Fixer for PS3, and carrying on with... a Raymond Chandler DS game?

Also notable - Valve listening to slightly unhinged (but wonderfully so) UK journos, Chris Remo's song about Call Of Duty infighting, Chasing Ghosts popping up on Showtime, and rather more things besides.

Crack a window:

superannuation finds a trailer for Climax/Sony's canned 'The Fixer' for PS3
He's digging up some neat stuff: 'I never thought anyone would be able to make Resident Evil 5 look sensitive, but Climax Action did with The Fixer, which was righteously nipped in the bud by SCEE.'

Siliconera » American Detective Novelist Raymond Chandler Gets A Japanese DS Game
'Next spring a DS game based on the 1940s novel Farewell, My Lovely will come out in Japan.' This is very odd, to say the last, but along the lines of some of the noir-ish visual novel-y stuff that you'll see in Japan, sometimes - via TinyCartridge.

Idle Thumbs: A Weekly Video Game Podcast
It's worth plugging the podcast again, because it co-stars our own Chris Remo and even has awesomely random songs about Infinity Ward and Treyarch infighting. But LOOK AT THE URL. If you're not telling GamerGrub, then I won't, hee. (Also, the actual pictures of the actual Strategy Chocolate snacks, hidden behind the logo - look terrible.)

Peter Hirschberg's Journal: "Chasing Ghosts" on Showtime!
The _other_ classic Pac-Man documentary finally gets released - and it's on the Showtime pay-TV channel (home of Dexter), interestingly enough.

on iPhone app pricing - z a c k h i w i l l e r
Zack makes some great points (and links to better ones still) on iPhone pricing - I think that the super-elastic, low pricing is definitely making it much more difficult for iPhone game developers to make a living at it in the long run. Which is a major shame, but I guess market forces at work can't be beat unless Apple artificially does something?

Game/app recommendation: KORG DS-10 for Nintendo DS
XSeed sent me over a copy of the DS synth software, and I must say I'm impressed. It's real-time tweaking/performance heaven for electronic music freaks - I'm sure you've seen the demos - but it's available in the States now, so there's no excuse for not checking it out.

World Of Stuart: 'Valve: Excellent'
Email-documented examples of the Valve folks responding directly to Dr. Stuart Campbell's customarily ranty requests for legacy controls in TF2 and now Left 4 Dead on consoles - this kind of thoughtful user response can't be faked.

Raph’s Website » Game Informer on “Impostor” games
Raph Koster on games that aren't games, maybe: 'if we can orient the brain around real world models instead of the synthetic game ones, the logic goes, we can then use the strong feedback capabilities of software to help elucidate the model more, and thus encourage us to take the right actions.'