Here's the latest of our - somewhat incrementally better explained - sets of link neatness, headed up by Richard Cobbett unearthing a horrible 3DO FMV adventure given new, slightly 'abandonware'-tastic life by YouTube branching.

Also notable: some interesting discussion of the Watchmen episodic game (we shouldn't write it off yet, but the man has some good points), the Far Cry 2 in-game blog we missed, an odd cover version apparently from the upcoming Saboteur, what Will Wright thinks about things, et al.

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Richard Cobbett > Richard's Online Journal > Plumbers Don’t Wear Ties
Oh no, Cobbett unearths and YouTube branching version of the infamously bad 3DO FMV adventure.

Click Nothing: '...and let slip the blogs of war!'
Interesting, Far Cry 2 supremo Clint Hocking reveals "...for those who never found it, we were maintaining a fictional blog for the character of the journalist Reuben Oluwagembi who you meet in Far Cry 2."

Who Botches The Watchmen? » Murderblog 3D
Some delicious fun at the expense of the upcoming Watchmen episodic game, which could be good, but I share a little skepticism: 'Quick time events? Combos? Finishing moves? It’s like they distilled Watchmen to it’s very essence.'

Sore Thumbs: 'Shit Lit'
I can't help linking the Sore Thumbs shenanigans -- this time it's Crispin Boyer criticizing game writing randomly -- because the level of vitriol is still pretty impressive. I dunno - I guess I'm a half-full type of guy.

superannuation: 'My contribution to the 24-hour Tumblr-thon of Phil Collins and Peter Gabriel.' odd music video (from the game soundtrack?) with alpha video footage from Pandemic's long in development Saboteur, dug up by the indefatigable Superannuation blogger.

Quit your job and make your game - Citizen Gamer-
Another nice mainstream 2D Boy piece, with some good news from Kyle Gabler: 'We can finally say that, two years after leaving our jobs, we are better off financially and emotionally than we would have been had we stayed at the same company where we were working.'

mbf [email protected]: Coming Soon: "The Ethics of Computer Games" by Miguel Sicart (MIT Press)
The MIT Press continues to do great serious conceptual looks at games - they're my favorite game book publisher right now. In this upcoming tome: 'Miguel Sicart addresses broader issues about the ethics of games, the ethics of playing the games, and the ethical responsibilities of game designers. He argues that computer games are ethical objects, that computer game players are ethical agents, and that the ethics of computer games should be seen as a complex network of responsibilities and moral duties.'

Domains - Will Wright - SimCity Living - Interview -
A mini-profile of Wright as a person, not his product, which is nice. Says Will: 'People associate games with explosions and guns, but the designers I know are well read and have diverse interests.' I think this is increasingly true, which is, of course, increasingly important.