Continuing the tutoring of the GameSetLinkDump, this time we're headed by the Montreal Mirror covering the GAMMA 3D competition - which is awesome from the 'indie folks getting noticed' angle, even if I forgot my 3D glasses today.

Also hanging out in here - Ste Pickford on the Bond approach to plotting, a Georgia Tech project about how video games can be used in journalism, how people coded games in 1991, the IFComp results, and quite a few more besides.

Link tast ick:

Montreal Mirror - 'Indie gaming on the rise'
'The future may belong to indie games, but for now GAMMA 3D will serve to introduce gamers and non-gamers alike to interactive entertainment that really doesn’t bear any resemblance to the Halos and Grand Theft Autos of the world.'

Cowboy Programming » My coding practices in 1991
'I wrote this in 1991, when I was writing Amiga and Atari ST games for Ocean Software in Manchester, UK. I think at the time I was working on Parasol Stars. It’s an interesting look at a simpler time in games programming.'

Media Coverage: The Case For Games Journalism - Video Game Features, PC Game Features
Missed Gus Mastrapa's hearty bravo for game writing: 'When I browse my RSS reader everyday, I'm consistently impressed by the quality and originality of the reporting being done by the video game press.'

TwitterCrit » PixelVixen707
Really interesting analysis of how games are discussed from the, uhh, fictional ARG character. (Yes, it's odd.)

Ste Pickford's Blog - 'Don't Start With Story'
A fine point, even for demos: 'If we're going to copy movies, then at least copy the right ones. Bond movies tend to start with a massive, stupid action sequence (almost like the end of a previous story), before settling down for the new story to begin.' This (Bond story structure!) coincidentally just got covered on Gamasutra. Blog: 30 Rare & Expensive Gamecube Games
Prices are a little inflated here (highest ever new price is cited), but it's interesting to note the mix of uncommon but boring titles and actually interesting rarities.

Georgia Tech Journalism & Games Project
'This research project, made possible by funding from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, seeks to understand the ways videogames can be used in the field of journalism, providing examples, theoretical approaches, speculative ideas, and practical advice about the past, present, and future of games and journalism.' Bogost-impelled,

Dollarshort: The Definition of a Slow News Day
Not strictly game-related, but the same tabloid-related problems occurs. Also, it's depressing cos they are all great headlines. all hail the tabloid apocalypse!

Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/VG Chartz - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Some interesting chatter in here: 'We don't base arguments for keeping articles on the accuracy of the subject—we base it (in part) on it the sources available.'

Results of the 14th annual Interactive Fiction Competition
Hurray, IFComp winners again!