A rainy Saturday in the Bay Area is a perfect time to catch up on links, even those from a little earlier in the week, and we start off GameSetLinkDump with a handy review of the Jillian Michaels Wii title I was skeptical about earlier in the week - and which may not be either shove or ware-like, thankfully for the wellbeing of casual Wii customers everywhere.

Also hanging out in here - Matt Hawkins goes to the NY Street Fighter IV event (participants pictured!), bizarre Spore tribute albums, the New Yorker takes on the Bleszinski, Lara Croft vs. Quebecois fashion designers, and plenty more questionmark-worthy fare.

Yip yip yip:

4 color rebellion » 4cr Review - Jillian Michaels Fitness Ultimatum 2009
Oh, a review of the title I was talking about earlier in the week - and it seems decent, so apologies for semi-denigrating you, Majesco.

Gametrailers.com - The Fallout Retrospective
This has been getting some good acclaim recently, good to see a site doing extensive custom goodness on videos.

Fort90 Journal » Capcom’s Fight Club & Chloë the Craigslist Roommate From Hell
Nice (and customarily crazed) write-up of the Street Fighter IV/HD Remix New York event, with a segueway into bizarre NY female wrestling showcases, of course.

Digital Press - Classic Video Game FAQ Archive
Newly archived, PDFs of the classic game collecting fanzine - via Frank.

Cyber Record Label announces Natubella’s music tribute to the Spore video game
'To build up an online awareness, she has made an online release of the song "Evolve or Wait", a tribute to the video game Spore.'

Kotaku: 'Guitar Hero: World Tour KFC Fully Loaded Box Meal Unboxing, Impressions'
And people complain there's no verity in game journalism!

Steven Poole: Working for the Man
'In Shenmue, there was a famous episode where you actually had to go and get a job driving fork-lift trucks within the gameworld. Perhaps that was an ironic acknowledgment already of the job-like nature of too many games.' No, but fun essay anyhow :)

CNW Group | FESTIVAL ARCADIA | Festival Arcadia merges fashion and videogame industries with "Virtually Fashionable" - November 8, 2008
' For this world first event that merges the fashion and videogame industries, ten of Quebec's best-known fashion designers are creating costumes for famed videogame icon Lara Croft. Two of these outfits will be incorporated into Lara's official wardrobe as downloadable content for Tomb Raider: Underworld post launch.'

Annals of Technology: The Grammar of Fun: Reporting & Essays: The New Yorker
Blimey, CliffyB in The New Yorker. It may give Gears' plot a bit much credit, but heck, that's wonderful in itself.

The most ridiculous game box quotes ever | GamesRadar
Nice scanning/laughing-at work done here by GR.