Time for some more GameSetLinkDump, headed, at least visually, by a cute limited edition Street Fighter T-shirt, along with news that Meatbun has a sale-y sale on a lot of their own fun tees. And who has enough video game tees, huh?

Also in here - chiptune goodness, the canning of Rat Race, some high-end Fallout 3 talk, whether long games can tell a good story, the UK Guardian being nice about Gamasutra, and, uhh, stuff journalists like.

[EDIT: Frank Cifaldi checked in with the Superego Games guys about Rat Race, and apparently it's not cancelled after all, despite comments to the contrary from Shu, and is still in development for PS3/PC. Weird. Maybe it's being self-published now instead of Sony-funded, or something?]

Wah wah waaaah:

Spectre Collie » Blog Archive » By Their Farts Ye Shall Know Them
A developer surprised by digging Fable 2: 'It can come across as condescending and a little dismissive to describe a videogame as “charming,” (I know this from experience), but that’s the best word I can think to describe Fable 2 overall.'

Tale of Tales » The Graveyard post mortem
Aha, finally finished, some v.interesting stats - >100,000 downloads, but: 'With the huge amount of downloads versus the low amount of sales, the conversion rate of the Graveyard was pretty disastrous: only 0.34% of the people who downloaded the trial actually bought the full version.'

Meat Bun » Blog Archive » Street Fighter Club: Brooklyn Took It!
Exclusive Street Fighter design for that NY Capcom event - also, Meatbun has a great sale on a lot of their neat tees (Typing Of The Dead!) Via TinyCartridge.

The X’2008 demoparty: All releases online! | TRUE CHIP 'TILL DEATH
The Commodore 64 demo and music scene still going strong - info about a recent party is on the excellent new chipmusic/visuals blog TCTD.

Rat Race [PS3 - Cancelled] | Unseen 64: Beta, Unreleased & Unseen Videogames!
Didn't notice this was canned, apparently Shu Yoshida mentioned so at E3 - shame, it was an intriguing PSN concept.

Versus CluClu Land: My Life in Fallout: Nasty, Brutish, and Short
'Where Hobbes' rhetoric in the Leviathan was meant to work on the reader and convince her of the empowerment she gained from participation in the civil contract, Fallout's rhetoric is all about the compelling ambiguity of a world without security and without laws.'

You Are Lose!: Can a 40+ Hour Game Tell an Engaging Story?
'More importantly, I think the community and developer mindset of "bigger and longer is better" is a huge detriment.'

American Elf: The Sketchbook Diaries of James Kochalka: 'MegaMan costume'
James Kochalka built a cute Halloween costume for his son, and did a cartoon about it, too.

Stuff journalists like - the weblog.
Oh dear. Many applicable to game journos, perhaps?

Gamasutra looks at the people behind the games | Technology | guardian.co.uk
This is neat - also, Jack has a cool pipe!