Lawks a lordy, it's Monday again, and that means the latest GameSetLinkDump, wonderfully started off by GameTunnel's monthly indie game round-up - which will never ever die properly, much like horrible movie franchises like Saw, as far as we can work out.

Anyhow, this latest set of links includes pics of steampunk MMO Gatheryn, courtesy of sister online worlds site Worlds In Motion, which I'm excited about just from a 'damn, steampunk' perspective, as well as Wired on the state of Japanese development, tonnes of random indie links, and lots more.

Mickey mouse club:

October 2008 Indie game Round-Up by Game Tunnel
Latest in the mega-reliable review series: 'The 10 games reviewed for October include Introversion's Multiwinia, Archibald's Adventure from Rake in Grass and Zatikon from Chronic Logic.'

EA Denies Cancellation of Spielberg's Mystery Game | Game | Life from
Random, slightly larcenous line of the week: 'I've tried to convince my EA contacts to smuggle me out some concept art or a development diary'.

The Independent Gaming Source: Recommended Ohrrpgce Games
How many games are there in the universe? I've never even heard of this engine, wow.

Worlds In Motion - MindFuse Officially Announces Steampunk Casual MMO Gatheryn
Yum, delicious steampunk MMO action, count me in!

TigSource: Indie Arcade Eurogamer Expo Pics
Good job, Pixel-Lab and Eurogamer chaps, for bringing the indie goodness to Londoooon.

Prince of Persia Animation Reference 1985 on Vimeo from Mechner.

What is Love? | Jared Rea
Molyneux + dog + Fable protagonist = jebus.

McSweeney's Internet Tendency: The Ultimate Game Guide to Your Life—A Few Mini-Games From Level III:
'McSweeney's Internet Tendency editor Christopher Monks has a new book out today: The Ultimate Game Guide to Your Life; or, the Video Game as Existential Metaphor.' Excerpt! Neat stuff! Via ALitel.

Indie Video Game Developers Have Room To Play : NPR
Woo, another NPR story about indie games, this one referencing Sanzaru (Ninja Reflex guys) oddly enough - quite big for traditional indie.

Analysis: On the Death of Next-Gen in Japan | Game | Life from
'Nintendo saw the writing on the wall -- people called them crazy for it, but they saw the dead end represented by business as usual. Game publishers just need to figure out how to turn Japan's next-gen worries into an advantage.'