Starting the weekend with this set of GameSetLinkDump goodness - while I wander off to Las Vegas with my lovely wife for a little relaxation (and Vosges chocolate store visiting) this weekend, which should be not unpleasant.

Anyhow, this set of strangeness is topped by 1UP's Jeremy Parish having some words about emulation quality in some recent retro compilations - which is not unreasonable, honestly - plus some free Fable music, an odd Dance Dance Revolution musical, Katamari Damacy on cellphone, fine random eBay auctionage, and more.

You oughta know:

GameSpite: 'Swing and a miss'
Parish doubts Backbone's emulator tech for the newly announced Sega Genesis compilation: 'If I saw someone playing an emulator with this filter running, I'd take away their computer privileges for life. (Well, actually, first I'd probably blink to check that I hadn't suddenly developed cataracts.)'

Jake Power's abused pets and November US box art - NeoGAF
These GAF threads are unmissable just to see all the weird box art lumped together.

Sumthing Digital: Fable I/II promo album
To celebrate the soundtrack release of the sequel, click on the 'download' ad in the top right for a mini-promo album.

Circuit Bent Atari Punk Dreamcast 8-bit noise synth - eBay (item 260309994148 end time Nov-09-08 17:03:54 PST)
Opto theremin Dreamcast? Just say yes!

Broadway World: Les Freres to Premiere DANCE DANCE REVOLUTION at the Ohio Starting 12/3; Hansis to Star
'Inspired by the wildly popular video game of the same name, Dance Dance Revolution is like Footloose set in the future—but much scarier, and with 40 really attractive, barely-clothed young actors as well as free beer!' - The Weblog - Sense of Wonder Night 2008 Videos
Neat, all of these are worth checking out esp. I Wish I Were The Moon, Gomibako, The Unfinished Swan.

Double Fine Action News - Just One More Grim Thing
The Grim Fandango puzzle design doc. Awesome!

Andrew’s Site : National Videogame Archive Visit
'Tom detailed every way the archive stuff at the museum was setup and his plans to put on hopefully a permanent exhibition (maybe with interactive elements and some games to play), or at least a temporary exhibition of videogames once the museum has enough material - perhaps in a few years.'

Namco Games - Rolling with Katamari
A cellphone Katamari game? Interesting, though Keita Takahashi is prolly rolling in his non-grave.

Scott Adams Adventure Gold Computer Atari 24K Cassettes - eBay (item 400004809411 end time Nov-26-08 10:43:01 PST)
Wow, geeky.