So, it's something called 'U.S. Election Night' in the real world, and that's rather cool in itself, but over here in the video game space, GameSetLinkDump is continuing in good form, headed by Kokoromi's hints on their neat 3D-glasses enabled indie games.

Elsewhere in here - the (pictured) gorgeous Half Life-related food, a stealth Ken Levine bombshell about BioShock 2, an offkilter recommendation for the Deadliest Catch game, Empire: Total War's real-life naval combat shenanigans, and lots more.

Yay tay zonday:

Kokoromi Collective - Día de los vivos
Looking forward to seeing these showcased at MIGS. (3D red/blue glasses indie games!)

Lost Garden: The Princess Rescuing Application: Slides
'My talk was on building an application that rescued princesses. The goal was to give interaction designers some insight into how game design might be applied to the domain of more utilitarian applications.'

Not So Few Monstrosities » Blog Archive » Vortisnaucks
Valve's Marc Laidlaw points out a bunch of neat HL-related snacks.

Patent Arcade: Case: In re Bilski limits patentable subject matter
'While not strictly a video game case, the Federal Circuit today (October 30, 2008) released its decision in In re Bilski regarding the limits on patentable subject matter, which could certainly affect patentability of some video game patents.'

superannuation points out Ken Levine isn't involved with BioShock 2
...despite with Take-Two said, presumably for PR-related reasons. Intemeresting.

PlayOn! | MediaMall Technologies
'PlayOn enables consumers who own a PLAYSTATION 3, Xbox 360, or HP MediaSmart TV to access content from sites including Netflix, Hulu, CBS, YouTube, ESPN and more on their television. We have just released PlayOn Beta, and the fully featured release will be coming shortly!' You may have seen this mentioned before, but I tried it and it's working pretty well.

Deadliest Catch: Alaskan Storm - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Rented the Xbox 360 version of this to check it out, and it's, well... definitely overlooked and interesting, but it really is a hardcore crab fishing sim on consoles, which is pretty darn odd.

Richard Cobbett > Richard's Online Journal > Fallout 3
The kind of review I like nowadays, which is to say a generalized ramble by an intelligent person on their personal experience with the game.

SEGA America Blog | Empire Total War: Naval Combat for Beginners
Chris Remo covered this for us - 'twas was one of the more relevant, educational and cute press trips (though it was a bit loud for interviewing on the ship!)

EGM’s Jennifer Tsao joins Sega - Sega Nerds
More high-profile journalist => industry moves from the consumer side.