cletcla.jpg[Every week, Gamasutra sister weblog GamerBytes' editor Ryan Langley will be summing up the top console digital download news tidbits from the past 7 days, including brand new game announcements and scoops through the world of Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network and WiiWare.]

This week, GamerBytes had a look back to pick out the best digital download titles released in October. It was quite a packed month for all, and we're here to help you in case you missed out on a few.

Along with that, we check out more Community Games on XNA, interview Nathan Fout on his game Weapon of Choice, see what the indie PC creator behind Platypus is up to, check out the new Punisher game for PSN, and see what High Voltage Software are up to next.

Here's the top stories:

October Picks

October's PSN Picks: 'Confronting Rocket Powered Cars'
We remind ourselves about Rocket Powered Battle Cars, SOCOM Confrontation, Puzzle Quest and Prince of Persia Classic for PSN

October's XBLA Picks: 'Rain-Slick Booty'
We look back on Mega Man 9, Age Of Booty, Portal and Penny Arcade Episode 2 for Xbox Live Arcade.

October's WiiWare Picks: 'Building Up Structures'
It's all about building towers with World of Goo, Rotohex and Tetris Party this month, with a slice of Strongbad on the side.


Banjo Kazooie XBLA Delayed, Bonus Cards Troubles
Banjo Kazooie XBLA is now coming out next week, citing pre-order card troubles as an issue.

Cletus Clay For XBLA - From The Makers Of Platypus
A high-definition claymation game featuring rednecks? Sign me up.

Today In Community Games - Snakes , Crystals and Sin Waves
10 more XNA games are added to the list- find out which ones are worth your while, in our handy guide.

Q&A: From Resistance To... XNA Community Games?
We talk to Nathan Fout about what it's like going from giant developer to a husband and wife team.

PlayStation Network

NA PSN Store Update - Street Fighter II HD Remix, Brain Challenge and PSN Bargains
An early release for the PlayStation Store this week - get your hands on Street Fighter II, Brain Challenge, and now with bargain prices for the Thanksgiving holiday.

First Video Of The Punisher: No Mercy
Zen Studios' first PlayStation Network title is unveiled in video form - play as The Punisher in this online multiplayer FPS.


NA WiiWare Update: Boingz And Sudoku
This week on WiiWare North America, get the chance to twang little critters around the place, all in the name of fun.

EU WiiWare Update - Strongbad, Cue Sports, Cooking Jam And Cubello
Big WiiWare update for Europe this week - including the first of the Art Style games making its way here.

Evasive Space Screen Shot Blowout
High Voltage Software's new title Evasive Space mixes classic top down shooting with maze gameplay.