[Every week, we sum up sister iPhone site FingerGaming's top news and reviews for Apple's nascent -- and increasingly exciting -- portable games platform, as written by editor Matt Burris and guest editor Eric Caoili.]

This week's notable items in the iPhone gaming space include the highly anticipated sequel to puzzle/RPG Aurora Feint, two newly announced titles from ngmoco, and Newtonica2 from Skip Ltd. co-founder Kenichi Nishi.

Here are the top stories:

Aurora Feint II: The Arena in App Store
"Aurora Feint developers Danielle Cassley and Jason Citron released a sequel to their acclaimed RPG with a Tetris Attack/Panel de Pon twist. Those of you who’ve played Puzzle Quest should be familiar with this hybridization, but Aurora Feint II: The Arena takes it a step further with its new focus on multiplayer competitions as an 'asynchronous MMO.'"

ngmoco Announces Dropship, Dr. Awesome
"Dr. Awesome [is] a Qix-styled title with a light-hearted surgery premise and humor/graphics similar to what we’ve seen with Atlus’ Trauma Center and Capcom’s Phoenix Wright series for Nintendo platforms."

Field System Reveals Newtonica Sequel
"Field System has put up an official teaser site and a screenshot for Newtonica2, a follow-up to August’s sphere-rotating iPhone game Newtonica. Presumably, game designer Kenichi Nishi, whose credits include Chibi-Robo! and Incredible Crisis, is returning to develop the game along with composer Kenji Eno."

SimCity Coming December
"The EA Mobile title has the “look and feel” of SimCity 3000, but with touchscreen controls for tasks like zoning. Players can also use the platform’s multi-touch capabilities for zooming in and out of cities, as well as other functions."

Uno now in App Store
"Gameloft has added classic card game Uno to the App Store, taking advantage of the platform’s touchscreens and allowing players to drag and drop cards to get rid of their hands as easily as possible."

Cube now in App Store, Free
"Fernlightning’s first-person shooter Cube is finally on the App store, over six weeks after the company submitted the iPhone/iPod Touch game to Apple for review. Billed as a technology demo, the opensource title is available for free and includes multiplayer support, in-game editing, cooperative editing, demo recording, and more."