Continuing to showcase some more thoughtful writing on the Interweb for GameSetLinks, allegedly, we start out with Kyle Orland's Crispy Gamer piece on how independent games actually get, well, noticed.

Also in this set of links - the latest GameTunnel indie reviews countdown (hey, one of the ways indies get noticed!), as well as gaming in India, the rise of video in game reviews/coverage, the 5 million raptor LED sign countdown, that awesome Zork manual, and more besides.

Super furry animals:

Crispy Gamer - Column: Press Pass: Going Indie
Kyle Orland takes a look at the issues in getting publicity for indie games, with quotes from myself, Russell Carroll, Kieron Gillen and others - some good points made on first-tier indies getting a heck of a lot of buzz, but a lot of others being off the radar.

November 2008 Indie game Round-Up by Game Tunnel
The intro description explains it just fine, so no retyping needed: 'Game Tunnel is proud to publish the November Independent Video Game round-up, the latest in our long-running Famitsu-styled panels that review all the latest Indie PC games. The 10 games reviewed for November include 2D Boy's World of Goo (pictured), Mount & Blade from Taleworlds and Project Aftermath from Games Faction.'

'Media Coverage: The Rise of Video' - GameDaily Biz
Another excellent, slightly buried Gus Mastrapa column: 'Most gamers still read their news and reviews and they do so, for the most part, on the Internet. The coming tidal wave of Internet video won't leave video games untouched.' Blog: '5,000,000 Raptors Killed!'
Matthew and Steve of Flashbang Studios/Blurst (also IGF co-organizers) are pure rock - who else has a special LED ticker in their office for how many velociraptors have been killed in their game?

Game recommendation - Black Rock/Disney's 'Pure' for 360/PS3.
For all those who've played a bunch of generic ATV games and got turned off them - repent! Perfect pacing and beautiful controls make this one of the most entertaining racing games I've played in the past couple of years - gorgeous graphics, too.

Kotaku: 'Feature: I, Gamer'
Leigh's regular column at her previous employer, Kotaku, gets into how we presume people know things about games, when the average game buyer, well, doesn't: 'In your average game store, customers do not read reviews. They do not post on forums, they have never been motivated to leave Amazon feedback just to "send a message," they do not blog.'

Zork Infocom PDP-11 First Edition Manual | PC Gaming |
Wow, truly a piece of gaming history - the manual for the mainframe version of Zork - and it went for a suitably large chunk of change, too. on the Indian gaming market
A sister publication to us on the Indian game market: '“As per global estimates mobile gaming penetration in the Indian market is at 2 – 3 %." Thus far, it's been a bit anemic, but you never know...