[Just a final reminder for the IGF student and mobile competitions for 2009, which are finishing up this weekend and Monday respectively - good luck to all the entrants, both competitions have had some standouts in previous years.]

Organizers of the 2009 Independent Games Festival are giving a final call for entries for this year's Student Showcase competition (due November 15th), and IGF Mobile competition (due November 17th), following the closing of entries for the main IGF competition earlier this month.

After a record turn-out for the IGF Main Competition, with entrants to be revealed soon, the ever-popular, free Student Showcase competition has an imminent deadline, with game students battling to be one of the ten games available in playable form on the 2009 Game Developers Conference show floor.

The Student Showcase honorees, which have previously included Portal predecessor Narbacular Drop and Dyadin, an early game by the team behind Flow, are given $500 and complementary passes to attend GDC 2009, which includes the third annual Independent Games Summit. They will also compete for a $2,500 Best Student Game award.

In addition, the IGF Mobile entry deadline is on November 17th, with $30,000 in total for those indie creators making games for iPhone, cellphone, and other handheld devices.

IGF Mobile categories include game design, art, technical and audio awards, a Best Game award, and -- new for this year -- a $10,000 'Best iPhone Game' prize. In addition, entry into IGF Mobile is free this year, meaning it's easy for 'bedroom programmers' and upwardly mobile indies alike to enter the competition.

The finalists will be invited to showcase their games on the expo floor at GDC, and winners of the category will be revealed onstage at the special standalone IGF Mobile awards ceremony at GDC 2009, and also highlighted at the flagship Independent Games Festival Awards event at the show.

More information on entering the competitions are available at the official Independent Games Festival homepage and the official IGF Mobile homepage, respectively.