While I'm running around to various appointments, keynotes, and other strangeness at Tokyo Game Show, I have been taking a few pictures of the show, which I shall be apportioning out regularly until, well, there are none left.

This batch mainly covers the business day at the show, plus a quick run around the various keynotes on the first day. Shazam:

Possibly the most adorable example of Japanese photo controlfreakery thus far, you were allowed to take pictures of the speaker and his slides in the Microsoft keynote, but not just the slides. Oh... kay?

LittleBigPlanet (watch for an editorial from me soon about it) was the center of the Sony booth at TGS, and they had this big (10ft tall?) globe with a Sackboy on top of it - v.cute.

We interviewed Takahashi Meijin on Gamasutra recently, and here he is at the Hudson merchandising booth, plugging his '16-Shot' gadget, which trains you on, yes, pressing the controller button as fast as you can. Hee.

Apparently, Spelunker is famous in Japan for being really difficult/annoying, but selling really well on Famicom. Irem is bringing it back for PSN, sure - but Spelunker vinyl toys? Really? Boggle.