Time to round up some of the top items we've run this week on big sister site Gamasutra and our various other sites, which seem to be on a bit of a post-TGS roll in terms of content.

Some of the more interesting links include some chats with EA's John Riccitiello, a good Mick West tech piece on debugging your game, a fun ode to short dialog, talks with the Fallout 3 and Skate producers, and quite a few other things, to.

Here's some links:

Gamasutra Features

New Tricks: Scott Blackwood Talks Skate And Skate 2
"EA Black Box's Skate has dethroned the long-running Tony Hawk franchise in sales, and with a follow-up imminent, Gamasutra talks to exec producer Scott Blackwood on design and tech fundamentals."

Debugging Memory Corruption in Game Development
"In an in-depth technical article, Neversoft co-founder Mick West discusses memory corruption in games, pinpointing the symptoms, causes, and solutions for many game glitches and crashes."

Building A Great Game Team: Measuring Progress
"When building a great game development team, how do you keep everyone on track? Game HR veteran Marc Mencher continues his current Gamasutra series, discussing progress, goals and rewards."

Space Adventures, Haunted Houses, Intergalactic Gaming: Richard Garriott Lives Large
"Ultima creator Richard Garriott is currently part of a mission to the International Space Station -- and we talk to him about his training, the Tabula Rasa tie-in and inspirations for future titles."

Ode to Short Dialog: Reconsidering the Sound Bite
"Big Huge Games narrative designer Schneider steps up to discuss why you should keep dialog short and sweet in games, arguing: "the sound bite is more poetry than prose -- and poetry is a powerful thing.""

Falling Into Fallout 3: Director Todd Howard Talks Scope And Evolution
"With Bethesda's much-awaited Fallout 3 done, Gamasutra talks to game director Todd Howard to discover how the company has managed the franchise's evolution, from game world through rabid fans."

Gamasutra, Other News/Highlights

Interview: EA's Riccitiello On Having Faith In Mirror's Edge, Grasshopper Manufacture
"EA CEO John Riccitiello talks to Gamasutra about creative risks; having "Faith" when he disagreed with his team on Mirror's Edge (he wanted a third-person game), why he "agonized a little bit" over the new Grasshopper/EA Partners deal -- and why he ultimately went with it, also commenting on Brutal Legend's "creative risk"."

Interview: Turbine Talks Multiplatform Initiatives And The Future Of PC Retail
"Just after opening a West Coast studio, Turbine CEO Jim Crowley tells Gamasutra about the LOTR Online maker's "very significant console initiative," why PC's growing weakness at retail "is not a platform issue; it's a distribution issue," and how Turbine will continue to address PC gamers even as it pursues a multiplatform strategy."

Gamer's Bill Of Rights Revised, Stardock Elaborates DRM Stance
"Publisher and developer Stardock has released an update to its Gamer's Bill of Rights, a ten-point list of PC gaming consumer principles it first announced in August. Included in the report is a two-page explanation of the company's stance on digital rights management."

GCG Readers Invent New Ways to Use Guitar Controller
Readers of educational site GameCareerGuide.com have come up with new non-musical ways to (theoretically) use the Guitar Hero guitar peripheral as a controller. The ideas are the results of the site’s weekly Game Design Challenge.

Interview: Riccitiello Hates DRM, Respects Protesters, Tackles Controversies
"Just when it seemed anti-EA sentiment was finally fading away, Spore's DRM controversy hit, the company killed Tiberium and the Take-Two deal came apart. CEO John Riccitiello tells Gamasutra about the "minority" of DRM-haters, why the company will kill one title per year "forever," and the role of ego in the Take-Two fight."