Well, I've already described today's pictured Wii game on the Gamasutra group-chat channel as 'full of win' - though you guys can decide for yourselves whether it is or not by drinking in the exceptionally silly artwork and mini-game descriptions.

But luckily, there's more than just that on here, with some of the below posts poking at Yakuza 2, discussing web developers vs. game developers, looking at the Persona series' aftermarket value, talking about unionizing, and lots more.

Down for the count:

The Brainy Gamer: A cutscene offer you can't refuse
Bravo to Michael for pointing out Yakuza 2 for PS2, almost completely ignored thus far due to format: 'Yakuza 2 (Ryu ga Gotoku) is the best narrative game I've played this year, by a wide margin. Better than GTA IV and way better than MGS4.'

Black Company Studios » Blog Archive » Fustian Future
'That being said, I’m always torn on the unionising issue. It’s been done to death on the TCE forums, and very little new gets said about it.' I think these were pretty much the grounds under which it didn't make it, although it's certainly a shame in some ways.

YouTube - Player One - Space Invaders (1980)
Whoa, a hit Australian single inspired by the arcade game, from 1980? Via ALitel.

T=Machine » Cultural differences: game developers vs web developers
Super-analyze-y comments based on an Andrew Chen post that is also interesting.

:: G A M E H O T E L ::: DIE SHOW
A Zurich edition of GameHotel with Derek Yu, Chris Hecker, Keiichi Yano, and some other neat folks, just happened, completely missed this.

Tiny Q&A: Zombie BBQ's Gammick and EnjoyUp - Tiny Cartridge
'If you’ve accidentally glanced at Tiny Cartridge for even a second, you know that we’re fascinated with Gammick/EnjoyUp’s Little Red Riding Hood’s Zombie BBQ.' Bizarro DS title alert!

The Triforce » Blog Archives » Gaming in The Clinton Years
'NAVGTR — The National Association of Videogame Testers and Reviewers, a grand name for what seems to be two middle aged men who apparently spent the nineties misjudging videogames in the name of artistic progression — have stuck up hundreds of these.' Whatever happened to their video game cruise with Cloris Leachman, anyhow?

VGPC.com Blog: A Tale of Two Personae
'Dickens uses the line to contrast the times in London and Paris, London was doing well and Paris was not. The same can be said of Persona 2 and Persona 3.'

Where’s the Money In Casual Web Game Development? - GigaOM
A few good numbers - via Wonderland.

Gamestop.com - Buy Calvin Trucker's Redneck Jamboree - Nintendo Wii
OMG, and it's being made by French Canadians (Humagade) - check out the game descriptions for more boggle.