Yeehaw, time to get even vaguely up to date with GameSetLinkDump goodness, kicking off with the latest iteration of the Toronto-based Artsy Games Incubator -- which, as ever, is resulting in a bunch of games that I want to try out for size.

But yet, that's not all, with Japanese Sense Of Wonder Night write-ups, more LittleBigPlanet mod goodness, Flash shooter tutorials, the goodness of critics, and rather more things than the Earth hanging out in here.

Go go gadget linker:

Artsy Games Incubator » Blog Archive » Round 3, Session 4 Recap
Completely awesome project - get artists to make games - continues.

The Ambition of the Independent Video Game « (mashedmarket)
'Originally extolling the virtues of the short story, Steven Millhauser’s New York Times piece struck me as a manifesto for independent video game developers. I’ve reproduced Millhauser’s work below, substituting “independent video game” and “Triple-A game” for ”short story” and “novel,” respectively.'

YouTube - Little Big Planet - To Zanarkand Theme - リトルビッグプラネットβ ザナルカンド
Japanese LBP players, with some kind of curious Victorian mechanical music player effect featuring the Final Fantasy X music. This is why LBP is awesome, folks.

Natural Selection 2 News: Videocast #5
Oo, really nice real-time lighting.

Daedalic Entertainment: Publisher Branches out into Film Production with New Documentary Gaming Industry | Press Release by MCV
Documentary about the making of a German eco-thriller game, and called 'An Inconvenient Game'? Uh, wacky.

【TGS2008】 covers Sense Of Wonder Night
Nice to see the Japanese media checking this out too - nice write-up, too, though you get me opining on the mic at the bottom.

Kongregate relaunches Kongregate Labs
Flash tutorials on making a shooter, sponsored by Scion, interestingly enough.

Blog - Infinite Ammo
Aquaria co-creator Alec Holowka has new Winnipeg studio, doing GAMMA 3D game, 'Paper Moon'.

【TGS2008】- pic of the Sense Of Wonder Night crowd
The guy closest to camera was hanging out with Keita Takahashi - doesn't he look a lot like the King from Katamari? Or is it just me?

If critics did more championing and less obsessing over details - The Cut Scene - Video Game Blog by Variety on
Good discussion of Leigh's review of the new Silent Hill for Variety, resulting feedback, why being Debbie Downer isn't always right.