Having one of those 'catch-up' days today, what with contracts to amend and press releases to prepare and, wow, news to help write too - and GameSetLinkDump is also playing catch-up somewhat, since these links wander in from much earlier in the week.

Luckily, they're mainly esoteric enough that it doesn't matter - with a fun Dessgeega interview, American Indian language learning through game tech, gold farming weirdness, scientific learning through games, and plenty more.

I'm Alan Partridge:

Contrast 2008 - Saving the Earth!
Interesting Singapore game jam results.

Videogame Helps Revitalize American Indian Languages | GameCulture
'Don Thorton, the grandson of one of the few remaining master speakers of the Cherokee language, has developed RezWorld, a videogame designed to engage tribal youth with their cultural heritage.'

Game PR firm owner fails to disclose ownership of game review site » VentureBeat
Pleased to see a sane explanation on this: 'You can put this one down in the “major whoops” column. It’s going to be hard for people to give the PR firm the benefit of the doubt and to trust GameCyte’s reviews, given how the relationship was unearthed. But so far, it doesn’t look like anything worse than bad judgement.'

The IT Crowd on Automat | On IFC | IFC.com
They're showing the UK version on the immaculate geek comedy on IFC, for those 3 people who haven't seen it - random background clutter includes game consoles, yay - heck, the Season 2 DVD has a text adventure hidden on it.

The Forge · Dual Currencies in MMOs
Matt Mihaly piles onto the gold farming discussions - plenty of links to other good posts on the same subjects in here.

The Zerg: <i>Starcraft</i> Invades Korean Stand-Up Comedy | GameCulture
'Bits, Bytes, Pixels & Sprites found this video of a Korean stand-up comic doing a Starcraft routine.'

Game-ism: 'Selling an Experience'
Good post on, basically, immersion in games and how increasingly important it is: 'I want to be poured into a role. Give me an environment so compelling I can’t resist it.'

Eegra: Interview: Anna ‘Dessgeega’ Anthropy
Interesting interview with the always opinionated Mighty Jill Off creator.

Stinger Report Article: Very Large Arcade Show Shakes Consoles Confidence « Arcade Heroes
The Stinger mainly talking out of his curly mustache here, but I didn't know that Examu's hardware for Arcana Heart 2 has a Supergun option for those fans who want to play along at home.

Games Without Frontiers: How Videogames Blind Us With Science
Looking at Steinkuehler's research to conclude: 'Videogames are becoming the new hotbed of scientific thinking for kids today.'