Oh dear. Thanks to Tokyo Game Show giving me - as you might expect - a bit of a hellish backlog of emails, RSS feeds and suchlike, we're going to have a dual set of catch-up posts from the GSW link-trawling, both from before I left for Japan.

Now, this does mean that a bunch of the links were found as long as a week or two ago. But fortunately, most of them are pretty evergreen due to their randomness, so I hope you'll accept them as we get up to speed again, hurray.

Link link link:

PC World - Independent Games Take Flight
'We're not seeing aggregators that specifically serve the indie community.' I think someone is going to step up.

Channel Surfing: Americas Virtual Console/WiiWare Sales Chart, W/E 9-28-08 | VG Chartz.com
Just wanted to mention - shame on you, VGChartz, unlike the similar looking XBLA charts, which are extrapolated from real data (feeds of gamertag-related info), these are apparently done by looking at the top titles in the Wii Shop Channel and then just guessing sales numbers. For pity's sake.

Gamasutra - UK Video Game Archive Coming To National Media Museum
'Academics at Nottingham Trent University are partnering with the Bradford, UK National Media Museum to launch the country's first National Videogame Archive, to preserve the history of the medium and "recognize the significant contributions made by videogames to the diversity of popular culture across the globe."' Thumbs up.

<i>Singh Is King</i> — Flash Game Brings Humor to Indian Political Issues | GameCulture
'He's smarter than your average PM — that's the tagline for an Indian Flash game called Singh Is King (pictured), whose cartoonish graphics and simple, runner-game mechanics harbor some dark moments in Indian politics.'

Financial Woes | How They Got Game
Stock market analysis and, uh, crash-related games, from the Stanford archives.

Lost Garden: Rules of Productivity Presentation
For everyone, but amazingly relevant to game development (and from a game creator), too.

super nohoho fighter ii x: Three Charts was the Morning
Wow, proper graphs for who wins what, character-wise, during Japanese tournaments in Super Street Fighter II.

Ludomancy » The Kongregate Experiment
'If you were wondering, after 66,000 gameplays, Moon made… 45 bucks (it can be increased by implementing the Kongregate API and signing exclusively, but still).' He's done a bit better since then (see post updates), but will be great to see just how well you can do out of this, if he'll spill.

Matt Sandorf: Journey to Endless Entertainment - Jay is Games
'Matt Sandorf: Journey to Endless Entertainment is not just an artistic point-and-click game. It is a *sniff* advergame — a promotion for the Sony empire from music to gadgets to games.'

T=Machine » Over $150M invested in Europe into social games, VWs, casual MMOs & games
Quite a wide definition, as is often the case with things like this, but interesting nonetheless due to the lack of previous VC interest in the game biz - also see $350 million outside of Europe predictions.