Piling on the GameSetLinksDump for the weekend, there's some fun stuff here -- including, at least for those with U.S. IPs, the Douglas Coupland-adapted TV show jPod, about "...the often shocking lives of Ethan Jarlewski and four of his co-workers at Neotronic Arts as they confront “Chinese gangs, boneheaded bosses, sexual swinging, British royalty and gore-laced video games.”" Blimey.

Also hanging out in here - the completely insane Gamer Grub (uhh, 'Strategy Chocolate'?), as well as PixelJunk music interviews, another mention of the sadly neglected 'Art Style' series for WiiWare from Skip, and more.

Rats off to ya:

The WB - jPod - Full Episodes
Aha, Flash-streamable versions of Douglas Coupland's unavailable in the U.S. 'game company workers' TV show. Via ALitel!

What's in a game? | MetaFilter
Lots of our John Harris Gama/GSW features/columns get picked up by erudite HQ Metafilter - neeto.

Red Bull BC One (ds: 2008): Reviews
Licensed breakdance puzzle action (!) for the DS - very odd, just pointing out.

YouTube - The Chemical Brothers - Midnight Madness - Official Video
Looks, it's a bit like Mirror's Edge, at night, with a gold lame breakdancing space alien. With a tail.

Biosilo Foods Introduces Gamer Grub(TM) - MarketWatch
'Action Pizza, Sports PB&J, Racing Wasabi and Strategy Chocolate.' Complete insanity.

videogaming247 » Blog Archive » Bleszinski: 360 graphics limit quote was “taken out of context”
Well, no, Cliffy, Gamasutra printed the full answer Fergusson gave, with a full link to the entire transcribed interview. But thanks!

Thomas Sutcliffe: Why don't we take computer games more seriously? - The Independent
UK mainstream newspaper alert: 'What did strike me, though – given the almost universal enlistment in an activity that only 20 years ago was the preserve of home-programmers and hobbyists – was the mismatch between the scale of teenagers' involvement in video games and the relative invisibility of this creative field in what you might call the traditional media.' Via RPS, guv'nor.

Siliconera » Dive Into PixelJunk Monsters: Otograph Interview
V.cool interview - also see the PixelJunk Eden musicians, similarly avant.

N-Sider.com: bit Generations makes it debut on WiiWare as 'Art Style'
Just wanted to highlight this again - the Bit Generations games are epic retro abstract goodness, in general, and Nintendo made zero effort to promote the Wii version, for some ridiculous reason.

Posts tagged Indiecade 2008 at Joystiq
The 26 finalists for their Seattle-ish festival taking place in a week or two - nice to see video of them.