The weekend is here, and unfortunately, quite apart from more borderline adult DS games in Japan (the latest example pictured, I even did some slight pixelation to feel more comfortable about posting it), there's also a disturbing set of calls to action from indie developers in this set of links.

Specifically, both Kudos 2 creator Cliffski and Multiwinia developers Introversion seem to be having trouble getting word out about their indie titles, and are appealing to their audience to get more interest in their general direction. It's a shame, but hey, maybe if I mention it it'll help a bit, huh?

Tech no tronic:

Cliffski’s Blog » Getting the word out
'Getting heard about when you are a small PC developer is a nightmare. Many websites are console only, some cover just a few ‘Triple A’ pc games, and most of them have the attitude that it’s their job to cover the games their readers are currently interested in.'

Canned Dogs » Blog Archive » Soon you can spank naughty girls on the DS
'5pb. has announced KimokawaE!, a new game for the DS where you have to discipline girls from the underworld so as to help them adapt to life in the human world.' Sigh, Japan.

Idle Thumbs: A Weekly Video Game Podcast
The rather smart erudite-ish game site is now a game podcast, starring Gamasutra's own Christopher Remo and friends - this URL is Remo describing, linking to it.

PRNow: Rad Girls Licensing to be Exclusively Represented by Fog Studios
The sometime game development agents move into, uhh, semi-horrific reality TV stars.

PR: Dream Arcades Taps Into Fun with the Octane 120 Beer Arcade
'We designed the Octane 120 to feature everything that a gamer could possibly want in a home arcade racing cabinet, including a beer tap, PC and PlayStation 3 compatibility, and a whopping 120' projection screen,' says Michael Ware, owner of Dream Arcades.

When has a video game ever made you cry? - Citizen Gamer-
MSNBC still supporting indie games (in this case Indiecade) with lots of editorial - neat.

Llamasoft Blog » nice little job we just did
Jeff Minter on using his tech in Space Invaders on Xbox 360: 'This was a really nice project for us to do since it not only allows us to keep the wolf from the door somewhat between our own game releases, it also allowed us to use the latest generation of Neon tech, which is considerably more advanced than the old stuff used in the x360 visualizer and Space Giraffe.'

Defcon :: View topic - Save Multiwinia
Uhoh: 'Nobody is playing the demo of Multiwinia. There are a number of theories as to why this might be, but we think we already know the answer – very few people have heard about it, or have seen enough reason to try it.'

Ads in flash games - The Gameshelf
Interesting, sharp post on game advertising: 'Web ads are an attention tax levied on the people who don't care about them very much.'

:: Temple of the Roguelike - Roguelike News, Reviews, Interviews and Information :: » Blog Archive » Cyber burglar in the matrix
Oo, 'Decker' - cyberpunk roguelike alert!