OK, still trekking across the universe with plenty of RSS-related GameSetLinkDump goodness in tow - and this episode starts out with MTV Multiplayer discussing the state of game over with some smart developer types.

Also hanging out in here - hidden-ish characters from Grand Theft Auto 3, the best ZZT games ever, the MUD's birthday, Crispy Gamer's cash injection, new shooting game figures, LBP fun and games, and... some other things!

Link 'em up:

MTV Multiplayer » Are ‘Game Over’ Screens A Thing Of The Past?
'I recently spoke to three developers who’ve all been making dying in games a little less painful.'

QBlog: XXX
Richard Bartle: 'Today is the official 30th birthday of MUD. This anniversary has been reached without causing a ripple of interest. There are no articles in newspapers, no radio interviews, no podcasts, no blogs:'

Essex Girl | Technology | guardian.co.uk
'The animated electro-pop artist RiK has launched a new single called Essex Girl, and simultaneously launched this game as a 'game single'.'

The Independent Gaming Source: Recommended ZZT Games
Tim Sweeney's ASCII make-your-own adventure tool has spawned a lot of good stuff.

Hidden beta characters have been found in GTA3 | Unseen 64: Beta, Unreleased & Unseen Videogames!
Interesting, some game characters that got dropped before the final version and still have on-disc assets.

Game journalism sucks: So Crispy Gamer raises money for an alternative voice » VentureBeat
Interesting... only $2 CPM? I love Crispy Gamer conceptually but I think something like Giant Bomb is a lot closer to the future (for the Wiki awesomeness, not just Jeff, sorry Jeff!)

Shoot The Core: Gashapon Shooting Game History volume 3
Just picked up Vol.2 in Tokyo, is yummy.

The anatomy of the first video game - On the Level- msnbc.com
'“Tennis for Two” created in 1958, was a science experiment'

Media Molecule - we make games. » Blog Archive » Creator Pick - Geosautus
Already some super-impressive LBP stuff coming up, despite network/holy book-related problems.

Lost Levels - Happy Camper for NES discovered
'Game collector “NationalGamesDepot” has recently discovered, via his collection of various Color Dreams memorabilia and development assets, a copy of the unreleased action-adventure game Happy Camper for the NES.'