Well, we're switching back to the GameSetLinksDump format for at least the next few days, and possibly hiatus-ing it briefly, since I'm off to Japan and Tokyo Game Show for a fairly whirlwind visit.

So expect some coverage of the keynotes, show floor, and Sense Of Wonder Night at TGS - oh, and feel free to ping me if you're at the show and would like to say hi.

In the meantime, let's span interactive fiction to Matt Hazard's spoof-y marketing campaign, and various other neatnesses, all in one bloc:

The 14th Annual Interactive Fiction Competition
Games released to play - there's lots of them!

Water Cooler Games - Play within a Play
Wow, some odd Entourage fake movie fake game fakeness here, thanks Mr. Bogost.

Steven Poole: Snake eyes
'Hideo Kojima’s games are, in a sense, all about this question, pummelling it with scattershot Verhoevenesque satire, arch reminders to the player that videogames are essentially a waste of time, and the rather lovely absurdity that you can win a campaign using only anaesthetic bullets.'

Speed Demos Archive - Star Wars - Knights of the Old Republic
Just added is a bloopers file (big MP4), which seems to be mainly characters moving into bounding boxes of enemies and then running on the spot :P

xkcd - A Webcomic - Flash Games
Cute. Yes, I'm going to link to every XKCD comic related to games. Get over it.

brinking - nabeel hyatt: Casual MMOs get between 10-25% of users to pay
More extrapolation of good stats on what free to play PC gaming really nets its creators.

Temple of the Roguelike - Berlin International Roguelike Development Conference 2008
'And so it was that several roguedevs met at the historical city of Berlin for the first IRDC on September 2008. There were not many, but it is quality which matters, and we are looking forward for future events.' Video lectures linked!

8bitrocket: A Comprehensive List Of Documentaries/TV/Shows/Movies About Video Game and Computer History
Nice idea! I'm sure GSW readers can point out some missing ones...

Q&A: Making up Matt Hazard - News at GameSpot
'The marketers behind D3 Publisher's satirical campaign talk about creating nostalgia for a retro gaming icon that never existed.'

Notes From the Underground: Indie Videogames Come of Age - WSJ.com
I was actually interviewed for a (different?) WSJ indie games article recently, so boy, the whole buzz is hotting up.