So, I may be in a small tin object barreling towards Japan as we speak (or a few hours ago, perhaps!), but the GameSetLinkDump must continue, oh yes, headed by a provocative Gamers With Jobs article about girls and girl protagonists in games.

Also clogging up the WWW arteries are a tour of the Stern Pinball factory, still in production today (mm, pinball!), as well as an Artsy Game Incubator interview, Bill Harris on used books and used games, and Tom Chick getting a BIG ROCK BAND 3 SCOOP, oh yes.

And ze linkz:

Beauty and Brutality | Gamers With Jobs
'momgamer' on Heavenly Sword: 'We're used to watching big brutal guys do big brutal things. A big strong girl doing the same brutal things doesn't work quite the same.' Interesting.

GAMBIT: Updates: Introducing Oozerts!
'Oozerts is a self-contained, math-based puzzle game designed for the Nintendo DS that extends the universe of Labyrinth - an online computer game created by The Education Arcade - onto a mobile format.' More GAMBIT neatness.

Fringe: The Hardcore–Casual Debate Comes to Primetime | GameCulture
Really interesting post on JJ Abrams, Fringe, and hardcore vs. casual.

Rumor: Keyboards in Rock Band 3? | Fidgit
Tom Chick is awesome. That is all.

IF Competition Reviews « Emily Short’s Interactive Fiction
Lots of interactive fiction reviews - be sure to read Emily's on her blog, too.

Eegra : Q & A: The Artsy Games Incubator
Awesome interview about a really amazing project - looks like they just created a new set of games.

Dubious Quality: Books, Videogames, and Noses
A great look at real stats on used books and wondering how it relates to used games.

Crispy Gamer - Column: Print Screen: "Porn & Pong": Testing the Limits of Titillation
Reviewing Damon Brown's new book - incidentally, reviews of game book are super-rare on the web, outside Amazon, I think cos of terrible page views.

Highway Games: Guitar Hero game for Arcade use on way
'Unconfirmed reports have surfaced that Raw Thrills have acquired the rights from Activision to release a Guitar Hero game for arcade use.' I'm guessing this might be legit - though have no proof. Via Arcade Heroes.

Stern Factory Tour | Tokens Only
'Stern is the last US manufacturer of pinball machines and it’s amazing to see the process first hand.' Awesome.