Time to pile on the GameSetLinkDump once more - this time with a couple of under-the-radar games/game compilations that I found at the weekend while checking out the insane amount of titles debuting now and in the next few weeks.

I think Majesco's smart use of the Jillian Michaels license (she's the trainer on The Biggest Loser TV show) is perhaps the most interesting, because that game is going to sell, regardless of whether it's high quality or not - and I'm genuinely not sure whether it is or not.

But I hope titles like this aren't going to be further reasons to keep people tied to first-party Wii games due to their guaranteed quality.

Anyhow, onwards to links:

L’art pour L’art it…Is? « (mashedmarket)
'I’ve realized that this sometimes all-consuming obsession is a bit stupid, because I’ll be damned if there’s anything wrong with storyless video games.'

Knocking off Games for Windows | Procedural Dialogue
'As you can clearly see up close, developer and publisher Clear Crown Studios (a small local outfit, as it turns out, just south of San Francisco) simply listed itself and the game title at the top, using the same layout, color scheme, and a similar font to the Games for Windows strip.'

Women left on sidelines in video game revolution - Los Angeles Times
Another good Alex Pham piece - even despite a quote or two from me.

Programme 08 - Playful: Game Design London, 31st October 2008
Interesting abstract UK con thing - the Europeans seem to do these better in the game space.

The Indie Game Magazine
Nice idea, not really a full physical mag, but a Magcloud print-on-demand or download on demand type thing, I believe.

Amazon.com: Jillian Michaels Fitness Ultimatum 2009: Video Games
This is very interesting - Majesco have got exactly the right license (it's selling super-well for those bored with the Wii Fit pack-in game), but some reviews seem to indicate it's unresponsive and a bit annoying, oh dear.

Dare to be Digital 2008 - Game Download Page
The excellent UK student game competition puts all its games up for download - not under a login wall like last year (yay!) Via Kumar.

Crispy Gamer - Column: Press Pass: How Hype Helps (and Hurts) High-Profile Hits Lots of alliteration, good quotes by industry journo types.

Gamestop.com - Buy Pac-Man Power Pack - Playstation 2
Didn't know about this Pac-Man 3-pack on PS2, cheap multi-title PS2 bundles are great for families and Xmas.

Byte Me: Inside Digital Gaming - 92nd Street Y - New York, NY
New series of talks about games in NY, good cross-cultural stuff going on here - Costikyan and Zimmerman kicking things off.