As the week wends its happy way along, another GameSetLinksDump appears in your RSS, and lo, everything is alright with the world - or at least not terrible, if you like odd homebrew Atari 2600 games with psychedelic visuals.

Also hanging out in here - a profile of Koji Kondo, Jane Pinckard on picking your mate in Fable II, Tom Chick on Starcraft Deux, some good game fiction, Simon Parkin on playing different games without tripping over your shoelaces, and a good sight more besides.

In for mer:

Infinite Lives » Lead: synesthasia homebrew for the 2600
'Lead is a music shmup from programmer Simone Serra, designed for the Atari 2600. It boasts unforgiving gameplay and a catchy ‘glitch’ soundtrack.'

Hit Self-Destruct: Murder Charge
Some really interesting, well-written game-related fiction - I once tried to do something similar with Graves & MacGuffin and an early IC-related piece of fiction, to less effect, I think.

::: C o r e T a l e n t G a m e s :::
Bit of a 'grassroots' approach to game development here. Complex, but will it work? It's interesting, nonetheless.

Greenspeak: A blog about gaming.
Yikes, Jeff Green's EA project (which was early in production) got canned 4 weeks after he joined, he's on SimAnimals now helping to finish it before moving onto something else he will be more instrumental in.

A New Game for Super Mario's Maestro -
Good profile of Koji Kondo - via GameCulture.

game girl advance: Missing: One Husband-to-Be
'It took me a long time to find someone who wasn't a laughable buffoon or a stuck-up prig.'

Why Deus Ex Is Important « Double Buffered
'The element that elevates Deus Ex from a great game to a brilliant one is the way the choices in gameplay complement the plot choices.'

Crispy Gamer - Column: Rush, Boom, Turtle: The Game So Nice They Made It Thrice
Talking StarCraft II-y things: 'But the actual real-time strategy gameplay doesn't lend itself to storytelling, because -- and I almost hate to tell you this -- it's a puzzle.'

chewing pixels » The Videogame Bends
'Move too quickly from one game to the next and you’ll trip up, like a multilinguist moving too fast from one country to another, mixing-up their vocabularies in transit.' - Buy Ultimate Shooting Collection - Nintendo Wii
Don't forget about this, 3 Milestone Japanese arcade shooters for $30, including the neat-looking graphically Radio Allergy, Karous, and Chaos Field. Good deal.