Switching back from the longer, more random link comments, we return to the GameSetLinkDump, this time headed by some more TIGSource demake highlights (yep, don't get bored of that competition, tragically).

But there's also some genuine freshness - including a look at the (pictured) Japanese dating virtual world partially set in Tokyo geek mecca Akihabara, a really odd game about 'free culture', Steve Purcell getting all 8-bit, an English trailer for the Game Center CX game, and various other neat things.

Run to the hills:

Sweet Tiger Sauce - Demakes Compo « Game Haus
The Demakes compo is the single best game competition thus far this year, so I'm going to link to another highlights reel.

Metaplace - Community Spotlight - Virek Online by Fredriksson
Good example of a concrete (but not yet public, sadly) Metaplace-constructed game, a 'folk music RPG', oddly. With this and LBP, user-created content may finally be getting there.

Akihabara Channel » ai [email protected] First Impression
Japanese dating/adult games go all virtual world, with head-scratching results.

Crispy Gamer - Column: Press Pass: September Roundup
Kyle Orland has the best summary so far of why the CAG/Kotaku thing is a little silly.

In-Depth Q&A With Spore Creator Will Wright :: Games Q&A :: UpUpDnDn :: Paste
Hey, ANOTHER Wright interview, but this one's a bit more freewheeling still, so that's nice.

Rhizome covers Molleindustria's 'Free Culture Game'
'Touted as "playable theory," the Free Culture Game offers a ludic metaphor for the battle between copyright encroachments and the free exchange of knowledge, ideas and art.' Heavy, and abstract stuff.

Steve 'Sam & Max' Purcell jamming on a Tank Girl-ish Battlezone tip, originally for the I Am 8-Bit show. Dig it.

Holy crap, the day just keep getting better for... - Tiny Cartridge
'The above clip is the first trailer to feature English text/audio from GCCX’s U.S. release, Retro Game Challenge. Notice that in addition to keeping Arino’s very non-American name intact, publisher XSeed also left the Famicom-esque system in there, instead of using something more NES-y.'

Wonderland: Operation: Sleeper Cell
'Sounds like a AAA shooty game right? Wrong. It's an ARG to benefit cancer research!'