Some marvelous new links here, headed by What They Play's look at, like they say, sex, violence, ratings and game design - all of which tend to be of interest to GameSetWatch readers on any given day.

Yet also in here: weird PlayStation 1 games, the indie video goodness of Bytejacker, 'morality and gameplay' in the Bring Down The Sky expansion for the excellent Mass Effect, and a few other things besides.

Vulcan mind meld:

What They Play - Sex, Violence, Ratings and Game Design
It's interesting that What They Play is talking about sexual content on a family site, but I see the point - education, rite?

Takashi Tezuka - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Random thing I just noticed: 'Tezuka's wife was the inspiration for the Boo, a ghost-like enemy in the Mario series. Like Boos, she is often shy but one day became very angry at him for spending too much time at work.' Wow, so the Boo is a quality of life parable?

YouTube - I Heart Geeks! (DS) - Trailer
Atari is distributing this CDV title in the U.S., seems like an Incredible Machine-type thing in association with... Marc Ecko's game company? Wha?

ferricide: 'gamestown'
Our own Christian takes a look at the weeeird PS1 games he picked up in Japan. They're weird, folks. And cool. - The Weblog - Bytejacker Episode 13
I hadn't been paying total attention for some reason, but Bytejacker is an awesome indie/downloadable game review show with really high production values. Bravo.

1UP: Top 5 Religions Offended by Video Games
More short, sweet goof-offs from '2008's SeanBaby', Mr. Sharkey.

The European Innovative Games Award for 2008 [PDF]
An interesting, if slightl obscure German award: 'Besides "Sharkworld" by Ranj Serious Games (Netherlands), "Rider Spoke" by Blast Theory and "Heavenly Sword" by Ninja Theory (both UK), German entries "Crysis" by Crytek, "PES 2008" by Konami Digital Entertainment, "Blake White" by Games Academy, and "Somersault" by Enter-Brain-Ment made it on to the list of nominees. Also, "The Graveyard" by Belgian Tale of Tales, "Swinxs" by Swinxs (Netherlands), "Wii Fit" by Nintendo of Europe (Germany) and "Remote Impact – Shadowboxing over a Distance" by Distance Lab (UK) managed to become part of the short list.'

Grand Text Auto » Morality and Gameplay in “Bring Down the Sky”
On the Mass Effect DLC: 'More troubling, however, was the morality embedded in “Bring Down the Sky.”' I've made no secret of my distate for the ridiculous...
Categorizing the Mega Man bosses by type!

Wieden+Kennedy /// Portland · SPORE ATTACK!
'W+K and EA rolled out Will Wright's much anticipated game launch last month with a multi-city "War of the Worlds" attack pattern.' Via Brandonnn, again!

Photos: Robo Japan 2008 ::: Pink Tentacle
Robots are games too!